Jarvee Residential IP

Hi all posting same topic again with more factual data…

This is the scenario:

Home user
Jarvee running on Win7 machine (24/7)
no proxies

3 accounts (totally independent)

He automates, F/UNF, Likes, comments and story views.

Note: he also travels a lot, what to do in that case? Stop automation? Do not open IG app?

Second trip for him now to a different country, again one day after arrival the second account got a 7 days block.

To summarize:

Account #1 --> 7 days block after a 3 days trip to a different country
Account #2 --> 7 days block after arriving to a other country (he is still there)

Jarvee was working on both accounts during the trips.

So now it is clear the the IP location matters a lot, and that the user shouldn’t connect to IG with the app or browser when traveling if Jarvee is performing automation.

I don’t how far he can travel until IG detects this behavior (makes sense for an human, you cannot be in two far cities almost at the same time)

What about proxies locations? anyone facing the same with that? Proxy in USA and app opened in UK for example…

Any ideas? similar cases? please share them here! :slight_smile: cheers.

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I don’t understand your message

First your account got a block, does the block contain the following + like

A lot of people way more competent than me say that proxy location doesn’t matter, but:

  1. When I login to Jarvee with a proxy from the same country of the client, IG doesn’t ask for email/sms confirmation.
  2. If you look at the about section of each account, under “country” you’ll see the name of the country your proxy is from. This might trigger some bad effects, such as the removal of shopping tags: happened to one of my clients who was using a proxy located in Asia while the shop was located in Italy. Instagram removed the option to add shopping tags to the feed and stories. I switched the account to an Italian proxy and now the shopping experience is available again.

Bottom line: I’ve switched a good chunk of my clients to home country proxies. No blocks so far but I don’t have enough data to draw any conclusion. I don’t think proxy location can help much in avoiding soft blocks…


verify it in jarvee

you should use a residential IP of the country where the customer is on trip

yes, that makes sense if you are using proxies, he is not, he has only 3 accounts in Jarvee doing very light actions.

He will travel within the same country too, so we will see if also changing those IPs is an issue.