Jarvee Run Timers Vs Limit Settings - Conflicting?

Now, I’ll begin by stating that I searched for this exact topic and had little success in finding information, this has nothing to do with the new “follow limits” that IG has reigned upon us in the past few days, but something else that I find quite confusing.

Now due to the nature of this question, It stems from the M/S method of account warming. long story short, the picture you see

shows that it’s following 99 users per day, (5.5 per hour), however I’ve set the limits below to 160-180 as I’m in the midst of warming up these accounts

However, this number hasn’t moved for 3-4 days, and I’ve configured the settings to raise 20 per day until it reaches “x” amount per day, however the number “99” per day won’t budge so I get the feeling the “limits” don’t raise, or they are raising just not showing it under the run timers, or do anything really. I manually keyed in the 160-180 with the 180 max follow per day to see if anything changed, but no luck.

(So obviously I’m doing something wrong here) as I have around 60 accounts warming… To think that I’d have to go into each accounts tool settings and up the run timer values to hit that 180 mark per day is obviously ridiculous. I hope I made this as clear as possible

To some it may be a clear solution, however I’m new to the M/S warming in mass, as I would normally manually configure accounts (never use increase daily limit options etc)

So what am I doing wrong guys? Thanks in advance

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Check your account settings, might be you have Nightmode set to 15h or smth like this

Your timers and action per session allow for a max of 99 follows per day - as indicated by the calculator.

The limit below that (180) does not apply unless the settings above can do more than the limit.

Its like your car that does max 120 km/h but the speedometer has max 200. The speedometer can show 400 max, you are still not gonna go over 120.


ahh I see, I would have thought that it would automatically increase if set, I guess I’ll have to play with settings on baby accounts and make use of the actions per hour. Thank you!

You have an option to increase actions per operation (right below the days of the week). If you set that up, it will gradually increase that 99.

And btw, your slave account name is visible so maybe crop that out :laughing:


Oh that’s awesome, perfect.

Haha, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: