Jarvee - Scrape tools doubt

I was testing and trying to get the followers from one profile. I has only 539 followers.
Passed one hour and it still didn’t finish.

another test on tools > search users and hashtags. I tried to get followers from a parent profile that has 20.6 k followers. My search was get followers with minimum of 20k followers and engagement 0.8 from this parent profile. It took only 10 minutes and gave me 24 results. I don’t think that Jarvee scraped all followers.

I don’t use JV but since last week, IG has been rate limiting scraping. I had to slow my scraping bot down to opening 1 profile/minute or it gets blocked pretty quickly. Can you run multiple scraping tools simultaneously with different proxies on JV? I’m running multiple instances of my scraping bot on multiple servers to compensate for the new rate limit.


I´m using JV on a trial period. I don´t have any proxy.

They are definitely limiting this at Instagram. I believe Jarvee though will find a workaround to some extent.