Jarvee Scraper Creation

What is your method in successfully creating scrapers and making them last with Jarvee?

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Create with phone number + 2 captcha API :slight_smile:

French and Lituanian numbers with SMSpva works great for me.

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My humble opinion… try to avoid anything that connects with API directly, because Instagram doesn’t like that & u’ill be in loop for ever … go full EB.

I say avoid both eb and api, and go full on app automation. Setup might be a bit more expensive due to the phones, but blocks are minimal.

you can create multiple scrapers using the IG create accounts tool on Jarvee using proxies, phone numbers, and emails, you should not over create accounts on one single proxy

Make sure to enable the API limits options

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I use phone verification (sms-activate.ru) + IG Create Accounts in Jarvee to create scraper accounts. Their service is really cheap.

Each scraper account is set to delay the account after it reaches 350 API calls per day and 40 API Calls per hour.


I use sms-activate.ru as well and a mobile Proxy with 2 min rotation

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May I ask you what country are you using ?

But how many scrapers for one main account

Depends totally on your actions and api calls i use 3 scrapers per main account

better to have 2-3 accounts for each main for better consistency and results.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I have only Russia and Thailand checked.