Jarvee scrapers stuck at 1000 users

Hey all, I decided to try jarvee today, since it’s the most famous scraper tool. I’m trying to extract the usernames of people who liked a certain post but no matter what I do, the csv file just caps at 1000 users. Am I doing something wrong? My users limit is at 99999, but it stops at 1000 regardless…

Because the API limit for the Liker call are 1K
It’s a limitation.

It’s not unique to jarvee.
Sadly I can not tell you how to fix this. Maybe there is another way that is App Based but I don’t know if that is even possible right now.

IG shows only the most recent 1000 likers. The only thing you can do in Jarvee is use the Contact tool > Auto extract tool to automatically extract likers every x - y hours. This way even though they show only the most recent 1000 likers, you can extract more. You can export the results from the Use Extracted users tab.


the limitation is coming directly from IG, you can only get the first 1000 users, and as the user above said there is no app that can bypass that at the moment.

Great suggestion @ossi :slight_smile: this way you don’t have to re-scrape and create some kind of duplicates, new likers will be extracted automatically.