Jarvee scraping follower issue

So my accounts are following with no problems but it appears that jarvee scrapes a lot of users that do not meet my criteria and it spends a lot of time saying it failed to follow because of xyz.

I am wondering if I need to scrape users beforehand?
I have relaxed my settings and that helped some but still wondering why it scrapes users that do not match the filter.

Am I missing something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thanks! :v: :blush:

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Can you show us with screenshots what filters weren’t respected? My suggestion is to contact their support and ask them to check what happened exactly.

I’m just wondering if I should scrape users prior to running the follow tool.
Jarvee will scrape a bunch of users but about half of them with fail on filters like “hasn’t tweeted in X days”

without seeing your settings and setup and the dashboard summary I can’t say what good and what’s wrong, but you can definitely scrape users before following.

also, it should be a good idea to contact their support.

Yeah, it’s difficult to tell anything like this. You can see all the users that failed filters in Extracted users tab.

If your criteria is pretty tight you’ll run into issues with the follow tool regardless of scraping. This could also be a source issue, massive accounts have a ton of mass follower/‘spammy’ accounts where the criteria is hard to meet.

Try switching out the source if you haven’t already. If it’s already really niche and a <500k account just up the “people per operation” or follow frequency until you start hitting your daily follow target.

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Do you mean scraping users using another software? The follow tool on Twitter account doesn’t work like Instagram Follow tool. Users sent to Twitter account’s Follow tool > Extracted Users in Jarvee are unfiltered users. Jarvee always applies the filters after the users get extracted from the sources.

I would click Browse Embedded in the Extracted users tab to check if the user really doesn’t meet the filter. I remember there was a bug months ago which made Jarvee show Failed Filters incorrectly.