[Jarvee] Scraping Hashtags VS. Followers

Dear Community

Has someone else noticed that scraping emails from hashtags is a lot slower than scraping emails from followers of a user?
I’m scraping with 50 accounts and I’m doing per minute:

  • 400 users from followers
  • 100 users from hashtags

Do you experience the same?

Best wishes

scraping from hashtags requires more API calls than followers of a user that is why you see that difference.

Yes, I think Luca’s got a point, scraping from Hashtags indeed requires more API calls and that can slow down the whole scraping process.

Did you set the scrape tools to use 50 accounts to scrape in parallel?

Yes I did. Shouldn’t I be doing this?

it doesn’t matter how many accounts you set, hashtags always require more API calls than the other source.