Jarvee SEO Alt Text To Image Posts - Update


Jarvee added a good little function to improve your visibility on Instagram today - with alt text to your image posts.

  • Campaign Instagram - Added option in Overview Advanced Settings Instagram to Add alt text to your image posts. Enable it if you want alt text to be posted. Very useful for SEO, you can read about the option here https://blog.iconosquare.com/instagram-alt-text/
  • Campaign Instagram Posting on IGTV - When having the option to post on IGTV checked added another option called ‘Share IGTV preview on wall’(in Overview Advanced Settings Instagram). Use that option if you want the igtv video to be shared as preview on your wall as well. The video needs to be at least one minute long in order for this option to work


This is great news! Will we be able to edit old posts to add alt-text, or is this just for new posts in the campaign tab?