Jarvee Settings (Mistake)

I´ve tried to run Jarvee to grow up my travel account but although I set 100 likes and 100 follow per day account, Jarvee doesn´t work because it appears the next mistakes:

513- Action Blocked-This action was blocked. Please ty again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

But I try do follow and likes in the mobile phone and I don´t have any problem to do this actions.

What´s the problem then? Shouldn´t I have activate the account in the mobile and Jarvee at the same time? Should I use my mobile IP in Jarvee?

I´m lost :frowning:(

Thanks in advance!

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Are you experienced at all with automation? There isn’t really a mistake here, rather just things have drastically changed over the past 6 months and it takes a lot of skill and work to get automation to run smoothly these days. You’ll have to test a lot to find working settings, and even when you do, blocks will happen often. What proxy are using or are you using one at all?
I’d recommend with one account just using your computers IP.
You might want to try and have Jarvee run when you’re asleep that way you’re not using the app while jarvee is running.
Use the “contextual” actions. This should help drastically.
Make sure you are using full emulation if you are with API (located in profile settings, and you have to do a relogin once you out this setting on) OR just use EB.
Hope this helps.


I understand your point @jmarie but why can I do it manually?

The problem isn´t limit or Instagram, I think that the problem is what Instagram detects that I´m doing that with a automation app so… my question is how can I do it without “show” Jarvee to Instagram?

Because it’s a session block. This is very common. Like I said, you’ll have to do some research and testing. Session blocks are cleared in a few different ways. Logouts are one of them.

Where is Jarvee installed, PC or VPS?
Do you use proxy?

PC and I don´t use Proxy because I just have one account

Are you using API or EB?
Are you using the default settings on JARVEE?
You need to really limit the actions you do with automation when you first add an account or it will get a block. Gradually Increase the actions.
JARVEE is not a plug and play application, it is the most advanced automation software available, you need to know how to set it up properly, and have a decent amount of insight to how the instagram spam detectors work (Mainly pattern detection, randomise everything in your settings).
If your running it on your PC at home it should be fine, but a mobile proxy is always better.
Note: DO NOT open the instagram application to “check” if you can follow someone on your phone when JARVEE is running actions on your account. This will almost guarantee a block, turn on night mode or close JARVEE altogether if your just running one account.
I would recommend spending some time on the forum and learning how to use it, there are a lot of good tips here.

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Hi Hadi!

I´ve started to use EB now but I get block again. I suppose that it´s esential use API and EB to avoid block, isn´t it?

Thanks for your help!

I personally use API, but a lot prefer EB.
Make sure to reset device ID’s when you switch over to FULL API EMULATION or it won’t work properly

If you got blocked again, you should wait, assuming you got blocked yesterday, you shouldn’t be doing any actions today, let the account rest for a few days. Failure to wait will result in another, longer lasting block, keep forcing it and your account will get disabled.

I was using EB. Switching to full api got rid of the blocks for me. Its worth trying.