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Hi all! I’m new here :slight_smile: please let me know if my question is not relevant!

I’ve used Stim social for a while, performing cycles of follow/unfollow. During summer the tool stopped working properly and last time I tried (3 months ago) was completely useless.
I see there are other tools like Jarvee, but it’s unclear over the huge amount of spam you can find on the topic, if are still valid!

Can I kindly ask you which are good growth tool that can be used and are still working fine?

Thank you all and happy new year :slight_smile:

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Note: open a sales thread if you want to sell something.

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thank you!

Can I kindly ask you exactly what voting is? A similar bot?
thank you! :slight_smile:

i think he was meaning “Polls”

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Note: open a sales thread if you want to sell something.

Thanks :blush:

@Davide_Ansalone with tools like Jarvee, all those other bots are not needed. If anyone wants to sell you something via PM, they are most likely shady and want to rip you off.

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Well this is basically a forum which mostly is dedicated to JV. And please in the future leave out full name of any automation tool. Breaf it down. Call it JV.

As mention above JV is a very powerfull tool compared to other tools. You have it all in one place. Easy to setup. You will find plenty of tutorials on JV website and on the net in general. The benefit of this forum is that you can most likely find most answers to your questions related to JV, by using the search function. If there is no answere, you can open a thread and users here will help you.
Now the honest answere to your question is, with JV you have to spend time to find YOUR solution to a working setup. It is not easy. Actually it’s not easy on any platforms these days after the June changes of Instagram algo. But if you have patience and your are willing to spend time and money, you will find a way. Do not expect to find a copy paste solution here on this forum or any other forums.
The game has changed and each and every profile can act differently to automation these days. That means the limits and number of actions you are able to do will be different. Hope this answered some of your questions.

Welcome to your new home.

Now everything is way more clear :slight_smile:
Thank you Micky!

I’ll sure do :slight_smile: