Jarvee stuck on IG Initializing

I’m trying out a membership buy for cracked software. I’ve tried to get Jarvee work for past month and no go.

I am running a softether vpn proxy and it’s base is my laptop which is residential IP. I don’t think that has anything to do with it as it can login with Browser, but within account status sais “Initializing”. I’ve wasted weeks trying to get around somethings.

1.) Several months ago finding a usable jarvee crack supposively.
2.) Running Residential IP with softether so this VPS can have Res IP
3.) None of the software from this membership buy site will work without a Loader, but it seems like its something else. The time I wasted trying to save money costed me more money to mitigate paying monthly membership and alls I’m trying to do is slowly run personal accounts, not M/C method.
4.) Every software is on the forum I paid fee for, there are other successes people talking about it working, forum owner very vague on proper INstallation aside from him authenticating the Key that affords the softwares to go from Demo to paid.
Seems like it’s working on some Kiosk Authentication system. Just wasted another 10 dollars to hopefully be lucky enough for him to answer back with a method as I wasted 3 weeks aka an entire months time/membership and now it’s too point I just hired someone yet again to service it. Hopefully he can write exactly what needs to be done.
5.) This overall issue has me at my 4th Fiverr gig bought to try and solve. First setup Softether as I seemed to not do it properly. I’m almost Better off getting the real shit sucks.

I usually don’t use cracked softwares I paid for Jarvee for 2 years straight and didn’t use it once, soon as I have my monies worth back in time/usage/accounts I’ll go back to real.

If I can’t find solution I’ll just abandon this. This membership site has MP on it and every SEO Advertising software you can think of. Hopefully the guy can answer back as to give to do list to fiverr seller. I’m not getting any younger and have a music career I want to promote so bad and have actual talent 8(.

API login does not work on a cracked software. I don’t think there’s a solution to that.

how many personal accounts are you planning to run in Jarvee?
when you use Jarvee, you need to spend money not only on the license, but also on scrapers and proxies. these days it’s not enough to just plug our account on the software, start the tools and forget about it. we need to constantly replace scrapers to make sure the main account is running smoothly.