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Nice tips @Luca
Thanks for helping. I would just add to make sure you use your home IP for up to 3 accounts, and for more accounts - residential or 4G proxies.

New Jarvee update: Version - April 8th 2020


  • Embedded Browser - Added keyboard shortcuts for Back Ctrl+Z, Forward Ctrl+W and Reload F5


  • Linkedin - Contact - Secondary Messages popup - new option to also send when the user has replied / not replied
  • Linkedin - Comment - improved extraction of users by using up to 5 keywords on each extract operation


  • Instagram Unfollow Tool - When using Unfollow specific users added an option to Automatically Extract Followers that Unfollowed you and which you are still following


  • Linkedin - Connector - fixed error code 44 no connection button found
  • Facebook - Fixed issue with extracting the permalink for Facebook Page posts
  • Tumblr - Fixed login issue
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with contact members in the embedded browser when using a desktop user agent
  • Instagram - Login Activity Actions - fixed issue removing old sessions
  • Tumblr - fixed posts publishing after Tumblr updates
  • Campaing - LinkedIn - fix Remove link from preview
  • Campaign - Twitter - detecting video not posted
  • Instagram - Follow - Fixed issue with contextual follow operations in the embedded browser
  • Facebook - Fixed issue when publishing multiple images on a Facebook page
  • Linkedin - Auto Comment - fixed not commenting on the posts that are already in the results tab.
  • Facebook - Contact - Extract Members - fixed extracting members from reactions.
  • Instagram - Follow - Fixed issue with embedded browser contextual follows when an user does not have a list of suggested accounts to follow
  • Instagram - Full Browser Experience - Fixed issue when using a desktop user agent
  • Twitter - Auto follow - Fixed issue with forcing lower case keywords
  • Comment - fixed a bug where the same post was commented multiple times
  • Auto Like - Fixed issue with unlike operations

Do you not have any plan, for just Facebook with 20 accounts and a lifetime license? Instead of paying monthly?

We don’t offer lifetime licenses. Also, there’s no 20 accounts plan, but there is 30, that one would suit you.

Hi, any info when the next update will be released?

hi @Ossi

In about 1-2 days I hope. We’re working on it.


Jarvee update: Version - April 19th


  • Instagram Like Tool - Enable contextual actions now works with api as well, you need to have the Enable api emulation checked in Advanced Profile Details in order for it to work
  • Global Tools IG Like Engagement Tool - Optimized it to use contextual actions when using either Embedded Browser or the api, the likes will happen contextually now that should lead to less blocks and more successful actions
  • Instagram Contact Tool - When sending messages check if the user still exists before send and remove the message from the list if the user no longer exists
  • Instagram Comment Tool - Added option to split with specific accounts for the Comment on posts based on post url source.
  • Phone Verification - SMSPVA added Portugal in the countries list


  • Linkedin - Search and Connect - added tags to the search using Sales Navigator URL source
  • Campaign - Share posts - Added support for Linkedin shared posts link extractions (https://www.linkedin.com/in/user/detail/recent-activity/shares/)
  • Linkedin - Follow - added Extract now button on the Source tab
  • Profile Connector / Search and Connect - changed the way accepted connections are synced


  • Facebook - Sell Post - Add support for Condition property in Sell Post wizard
  • Facebook - Market place - market place posts will now be sent to other sell groups in one go (using the Select Audience publishing step)


  • Youtube - Watch Video - Sources - added options to remove links after x to y views
  • Youtube - Comment - Add support for commenting on Live videos


  • Tumblr - Contact - fixed extraction of members from search urls
  • Instagram - Follow - Fixed issue with contextual follow operations in the embedded browser
  • Twitter - Fixed login issue in the embedded browser
  • LinkedIn - Birthday - Fix Birthday tool
  • LinkedIn - Campaign - Post - fix text when Remove Preview Link option is enabled
  • Linkedin - Fixed login issue with sales navigator links
  • Campaign - Scrape Posts - Fixed issue with description text limit
  • LinkedIn - Birthday - Fix issue with birthday tool not working properly
  • LinkedIn - Birthday - Fix textboxes not being displayed properly when selection between Birthdays/Anniversaries/NewPositions/All is changed
  • Instagram - Follow - Fixed issue with contextual follow operations in the embedded browser when choosing not to follow the main user
  • Campaign - Twitter - fixed publishing the same image twice
  • Instagram - Fixed logoff issue in the embedded browser when using a desktop user agent
  • Instagram - Fixed unfollow issue in the embedded browser when using a desktop user agent
  • Instagram - Fixed login activity issue in the embedded browser when using a desktop user agent
  • Facebook - Fixed bump issue on page posts
  • Faceboook - Backup - The tool now handles the You Cant Use This Feature Right Now` Facebook message
  • Instagram - upgraded embedded browser contextual likes to also use Instagram Explore
  • Facebook - Invite - Add emails to groups - Fixed issue with counting selected groups
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with error 581 in the embedded browser
  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed issue with detecting duplicate status update
  • Facebook - Campaign - fixed publishing issue on Facebook pages
  • Tumblr - Follow - fixed extracting users
  • Pinterest - Repin - fixed detecting boards (error code 50 - Not a valid board URL)
  • Instagram Story Viewer Tool - Fixed issue when using the option to vote on stories, it used to vote only on one story regardless of how many stories you had setup to vote per operation
  • Youtube - Comment - fixed adding the comment URL to the Results tab
  • Campaign - Pinterest - Extract posts - fixed clicking on More button when description is too large and not using fast extraction
  • Facebook - Random actions - fixed liking posts
  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with view story after follow not working when having the Use Only Embedded Browser option checked
  • Campaign - Tumblr - fixed publishing links. (error code 28 - Link editor not found)
  • Facebook - Comment & Like - fixed commenting on group search posts and Facebook search posts
  • Linkedin - Profile Viewer / Connector - fixed the sales navigator source when url contains commas
  • Linkedin - Search and Connect / Contact - fixed the sales navigator search sources
  • Linkedin - Search and Connect - fixed adding notes
  • Instagram Album Post - Fixed issue with video albums being posted as image albums( the videos were converted to images)
  • Linkedin - Campaign - Fixed publishing issue
  • Facebook - Contact - Fixed issue with extracting members from groups
  • Full Browser experience - Fixed issue with respecting working hours
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with login in the embedded browser
  • Youtube - Like/Reply Comments - fixed adding user videos links
  • Linkedin - Connector / Search and Connect - fixed connection status sync
  • Linkedin - Contact - fixed sending out the message
  • Linkedin - Connector - fixed adding notes before sending out the request
  • Facebook - Accept Group Join - fixed joining the groups where the invites were sent from
  • Facebook - Comment & Like - fixed commenting and liking as a page
  • Facebook - Search & Add friends - added a scroll time option
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with detecting captcha in the embedded browser
  • Instagram - Fixed login issue in the embedded browser


my team and i have been using jarvee for a while now its a great automation tool. glad to see them helping out as well.

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Thank you @odeon

Do I lose money by upgrading my plan? It seems like I need to cancel and upgrade?

Anyway to prorate the month?

As @Stiletto told me, you cancel current subscription, choose for example 30 accounts plan and create new subscription. Some days will be removed from your license to compensate for difference in price. You won’t be charged immediately for new license, you’ll be charged when current one expires.


There you go. @Matta28 quoted me from word to word :smiley:


Hi Luca, thanks a lot for your suggestions. You’re right Contextual actions are giving a very good trust score. We do have scrapper accounts, I’ll check out API full emulation for sure. Thank you :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Hey @Stiletto, any chance you will add Global / Account blacklists for every tool?

For example @Hadi has a thread on semi-manual account growth, by adding posts to “saved collections”.

However, our main issue is many repeated users get their content saved. A workaround is going through the like tool, but if there was option for adding users to blacklist once saved, then they will never be saved twice, or followed twice, etc.

This idea comes from GramMultiTool2 (which I used to use a lot), all their tools had option for a group or single blacklist. This also helps if you have a bunch of Child accounts, you don’t want all of them spamming the same accounts…

EDIT: Who ever is reading this, dont use GMT2. Jarvee is where it’s at.

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OK, please submit that as Feature request through support system so devs can check it out. If more users ask for same feature, we’ll see what we can do.

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Will do, thank you!

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Jarvee update: version - May 1st


  • Linkedn - new tool: Profile Scraper
  • Linkedin - Invite - new ‘Add connections from emails’ tool


  • Instagram Like Tool - Allow send to extracted posts to use the Like posts based on post urls source


  • Linkedin - Sync Page - fixed extracting pages
  • Quora - Upvote + Social Exchange - Upvote - skip deleted answers
  • Youtube - Handle issue with 2-Step Verification
  • Facebook - Fixed issue extracting friend requests
  • Quora - Answer - fixed submiting the answer (error code 45)
  • Linkedin - Birthday - fixed filling in the tokens in the message
  • Linkedin - Sync requests - Import connection requests - fixed clicking on the Next page button and go trough all requests
  • Facebook - Fixed issue extracting friend requests
  • Twitter - Contact - Extract members - fixed scrolling down when extracting from list members
  • Campaign - Linkedin - fixed adding the photo to the post. (avoid error code 55)
  • Campaign - Linkedin - fixed extracting posts
  • Campaign - Linkedin - fixed adding the post text
  • Twitter - Follow - fixed followers/followings filter
  • Pinterest - Repin - fixed error code 53 on the mobile UI (not that common user interface)

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Jarvee is great! I use it daily


Thank you, glad to hear that.
I see you’re new here on MPSocial, so you might want to stay and read a little bit, there’s plenty of Jarvee users here sharing tips and methods on how to use it.



Version - May 28th

TikTok - BETA

  • Added support for tiktok accounts (not avalaible on trial Jarvee accounts)
  • Free during the beta
  • Current tools - Follow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, Repost, Like Comments


  • Instagram - When tagging one user in a story automatically add a sticker on the image with the mentioned user just like on the IG app


  • Linkedin - Connector - new Sales Navigator sources (keyword search and search url)


  • TikTok - Repost - remove original logo/watermark


  • Instagram - Fixed issue with unfollow in the embedded browser when using a desktop user agent
  • Twitter - Contact - Send message - fixed sending messages with non english characters
  • Tumblr - Sync - fixed synchronizing followers and followings
  • Campaign - Tumblr - fixed adding image captions and tags
  • Campaign - Facebook - fixed filling in the location for sell posts
  • Facebook - Contact - Auto reply to new messages - fixed adding the image files to the message
  • Instagram Direct Messages - Fixed issue with load more and load all conversation buttons not working
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with Solve captcha not solving the phone verification after the captcha fix
  • Instagram Repost Tool - Fixed some situations where the location tagging would not work when posting in stories
  • Fixed issue handling the embedded browser
  • Twitter - Contact - Auto reply to new messages - fixed extracting contacts from the new messages
  • Youtube - Like Exchange - fixed not signaling error code 44 when video is already liked
  • Linkedin - Send message - fixed sending out multiple secondary messages when the user has or has not replied
  • Quora - Sync - fixed synchronizing followers
  • Pinterest - Follow - fixed clicking on follow button
  • Facebook - Campaigns - Fixed issue with skipped posts

How do I get this latest version ( ?
Your website links to a version from 2018. Even the G-Drive link is to that same old file.