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Thank you @K.i.n.g

Our support would never ignore messages from clients… Sometimes it can take longer to solve the problem, but that’s when support agents can’t really do anything about it so they forward ticket to developers. Developers need some time to investigate and fix the problem, but they reply.

Also, some of emails can end up in our spam folder, but we check spam too and see if any of emails ended up there by mistake. When we find them, we reply. So, “not responding and not offering solutions” is definitely fake and posted by one of competitors.

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i also vouch for the support team, never once had any issue

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Thanks Darkair. Glad you had positive experience with us.


Version - July 15th


  • Facebook - Joiner - new ‘ANSWER GROUP JOIN QUESTIONS’ settings


  • Campaign - Posts List - added new option to split a post with image (Use this to split the image of this post into 9 different image posts that will fill the entire profile timeline when posted in order)


  • TikTok Sync - When using USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER option made the sync work
  • TikTok Like Exchange - When using Use only Embedded Browser the accounts set to give likes and/or views will like/view using the Embedded Browser


  • Campaigns - added support for [COMMENT] token for linkedin


  • Youtube - Like/Reply Comments - extract url to results


  • Linkedin - Search and Contact - fixed closing message popup on Sales Navigator and avoiding to send multiple messages to the same user
  • Facebook - Birthday - new UI: fixed typing in the message without text formatting problems , when using the Use new writing system for Fb (Settings > Embedded browser)
  • Youtube - Sync followers - fixed synchronizing followers. (error code 168)
  • Facebook - Search and Add friend - fixed clicking on add friend on the new UI
  • Instagram Like Tool - Fixed issue with getting error code 168 when having the USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER option checked
  • Instagram Contact Tool - Fixed issue with sending messages to groups excluding private users
  • Instagram - Fixed issue with block user from the embedded browser
  • Proxy Manager - Fixed issue with using facebook.com as the verify url
  • Instagram Comment Tool - Fixed issue with comment on specific posts not working on private posts. Now it works but only if you use the Embedded Browser, it doesnt work via the api
  • Facebook - Bump - fixed clicking on confirm Delete button on the new UI. (error code 114)
  • TikTok Repost Tool - Fixed issue with send to campaign not working when using the USE ONLY EMBEDDED BROWSER option

Version - August 18th


  • Tools - Added new column Browse Embedded. use it to open the Embedded Browser
  • Settings - Connectivity - phone verification - added option to select multiple countries for a specific provider


  • Instagram Follow Tool - When sending to extracted users and having also extract additional user details checked if you are blocked from getting additional user data suspend the tool with what you have configured in the suspend when temp block fields
  • Settings Social Platforms Instagram - Auto solve captcha when needed added another option to specify how many times max per day to do the captcha
  • Settings Social Platforms TikTok - Added option to Auto solve captcha when needed. 2captcha account is needed in Settings Connectivity Enable captcha for this to work
  • Instagram - Tools - Sources - added new option to copy sources to other tools
  • Instagram Mentions Tool - Added new source called Just change bio. Use it if you want to use the mention tool to just change your bio with spin at regular interval of times


  • Youtube - Watch videos - added enable/disable remove links after option on all extracted videos tab


  • Instagram Follow Tool - Fixed issue with User has posted at least one in their story setting not working in some situations
  • Instagram Unfollow Tool - Fixed issue with unfollow after x - y days not working in some situations
  • Facebook - Renew - fixed renewing posts


Need higher plan? No problems, just send us a message and we’ll make you an offer.

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Built with Jarvee if anyone has doubts!


Impressive numbers @florin22xxl !!!
I’m glad things are going good on your side. Thanks for posting this.

I’m having an issue with the facebook friend adder. is this where I come for support?

Hi, sorry for late reply. We don’t provide support on forum, please contact our support through Jarvee application, just go to Dashboard in left menu and click on Contact support tab.

Alternatively, you can do it through Contact form on Jarvee’s website


UPDATE: September 20th 2020


New Jarvee update is released. Open your Jarvee application and check What’s new tab for more info.


Need higher plan? No problems, just send us a message and we’ll make you an offer.

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Will TikTok be available on the trial version of Jarvee at any point? If so, is there a timeline to exit the beta stage?

It will be available in the trial version as soon as it gets out of beta stage - when that’s going to happen, I can’t really tell, we’re working on it constantly.

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For Instagram, some accounts are still showing incorrect status. Some still showing email confirmation status instead of compromised status. I can’t automatically fix compromised accounts :frowning:

hey, i bought subscription when the tiktok beta was released, altho the support was amazing, the tools did not works as i expected, posting, following everything was very buggy, but atm i have a different purpose i’m looking to scrape tiktok users atm, are there scrape tools in tiktok beta? and are they functional please let me know, will buy right away if you have scrape tools

I’m using the Follow tool to scrape TikTok users from hashtag. It’s working well for me. You only need to check the option “Send to Extracted Users” in the Follow tool Settings tab, then you can export the results from the Extracted Users tab.

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It should work fine now. Please let me know if you have any issues.

There are no scrape tools for TikTok yet. We’re still working on it, it’s pretty complicated…
@ossi suggestion is nice workaround if you use hashtags as source.

Please note that we do not advertise Jarvee for TikTok since tools are not fully functional, some users experience issues, some don’t…

May i know if following a user’s followers works or not yet? thank you

Insane! How long did this take??

Wow. Awesome!

55 – Read-only Facebook/Google Plus page/group. The destination where you are trying to publish is read-only for your account and Jarvee cannot publish where you do not have the right to publish, it will signal it with an error. Groups and pages may change access rights over time so this might happen once in a while.

Kept getting this code. How to fix this?
I see it showing browser embedded with mobile fb version
not a web fb version.

How to change browser embedded to web fb version for embedded?