Jarvee Tik Tok repost

Hello! In the end I logged into a Tik Tok account with Jarvee (using the embedded browser).
I wanted to use it mainly to repost content but i can’t find any option about songs used and by itself it just doesn’t use anything… I’m missing something or it can’t just done right now? Thanks

It should be reposted as it is, there is no option to adjust the sound. Your video got reposted without sound? Are you sure that the original video is not without sound as well?

I’ll try again but I’m sure that the video had sound. Idk if it could help the developers know these for fixing

If the issue persist, I would raise a ticket with the Jarvee support to investigate :slight_smile:

I didn’t encounter this issue, that’s why I asked if you are sure that the video had the sound :slight_smile: but as @schoko sad, you should contact their support if you see that this is real issue.

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