Jarvee Tik Tok tools

No, I tried the repost tool today, but it was giving me no more results found. So, I stopped my account. Hopefully they will fix the API issue as soon as possible.

I am having trouble logging in i tried from a 4g proxy but i get error code 7 You are visiting our service too frequently.when i try to verify the account.

I let the account rest for a few days and retried but still the same error

How did you guys manage to fix this error ?

Not worth it right now, worked the first few days, then the follow tool and like tool and comment tool doesn’t do any actions because “No more result found” and there has been no updates since the beta came out, i’m using other softwares but they are expensive, i wish jarvee fixed it, jarvee is very slow with updates

I suggest everyone to wait for the full release, the beta doesn’t work atm 80% of the functionality is not working, hope they update it with a Fix

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Same experience on my end :confused:

Are you logged in on that account on any other device?

I fixed the error by resting my account for 5 days. But after that the tools return no more results even though my account is now valid.

first time i tried yes i was logged in, but then i just used another account that was logged out of the other device, but i still had the same result. Need to wait at least one week you say ?

Yes, wait 5-7 days. You should be able to log in again after that.

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logout from all devices, rest the account for 7-10 days , reset the device ID then try again.

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Hey guys just a stupid question,

Is it possible to post from tiktok to ig with the jv repost tool i haven´t tried it yet.


Yes, it’s possible to do that using the Repost tool.

Go to your TikTok Repost tool settings, and select the option “Send posts to campaign instead of posting on the wall”. Then set up your campaign to publish the scraped posts to IG.


the follow tool is working well now ?or it still have issues ?

Still not consistent :’(

im also testing tiktook javee tools from last few days , jarvee shows 50 users are followed and on app it shows just 13 something ,

You can try using the new option for scraping for TikTok accounts on Jarvee. The method is the same as with Instagram Scraper/Main. Try it out guys, it’s working better for me with those things applied.

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i will try that thanks

So follow tool in JV not work well ? how is the monthly growth more or less ?

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I stopped using it a few weeks ago. I’ll need to test again to comment on that

Follow tool like all the other tools are working fine if you use all the safety measures and precausions…

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ok but how can it be a right measure if any profile is different from another. I had been used MP since 4 years , so i know many things , there is always to know new things , i know , but i’m afraid of struggling like i did with MP . So i would like to know the right measures to not having any trouble , you know what i mean ? otherwise always testing , every day blocks etc etc

How can I add TikTok on jarvee? Can’t see it on add new profiles page