Jarvee Tik Tok tools

How does it’s working Tik Tok automation for you on Jarvee?

Right now I’m out of subscription but a friend told me that he can’t even log into account and do basic stuff… does it’s working for you?

I’m thinking of re sub for it but if it doesn’t work it’s a bit user less for me

I have tested 2 accounts that I have been able to sign in with.
I can post and repost videos with no issues.
I can follow via video search but not by followers of target accounts, which is the whole reason I wanted the Tik Tok bot. Until that is working, I can’t really recommend it.

That could be enough for now… but right now he’s still get error api login and he can’t use the tool at all.

I think I’ll try a month

The tiktok both isnt of much use right now when it comes to old f/uf tactics since the sources provided only allow you to follow of engage with those having millions of views and likes pretty much. Reposting works but that’s about the only useful tool there is

you succefoul logged in? @oneoneseven

Yes on 4g proxy

Ok thanks… right now we are still getting api error login

I was able to run the follow tool for a few days Now I’m currently resting my account because it keeps getting “no more users found” error message. The account is valid, but I can’t use other tools as well since they give me the same error.

Just wait for a few days. My other account had the same issue, and I was able to verify it after 5 days.

Good to know! Thanks I’ll try

Are you guys using the same Jarvee software or a seperately downloaded software for tiktok? I couldnt find tiktok on the normal software and on tiktokpro by jarvee, i cant find the download link :frowning:

Check that you have updated the software… it should be avaiable in the last two releases.

It doesn’t appear in the trial btw

I’ve contacted their support and they’ve told me that it’s still in beta version and that they will be improving it over time so yeah, gotta be patient with it for now.

It’s working for me but my API calls are being blocked very often so that’s the thing they are working on as well.

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Are u using Jarvee?

Yes, I am.

I’m using Jarvee. They haven’t released TikTok pro yet. You should see an option to add TikTok account (beta) from Social Profiles tab > Add Profile if you have paid Jarvee license.

it’s working only campaign module for me but it won’t help only to post videos

how about you?

Did you try other sources? Is the Repost tool working on your side?

I could see once i closed the app and restarted it. Thank you

For now we can’t even login

Tried other sources and other proxies providers.

Can you use other jarvee module or only campaign posting?

what kind of modules are you looking for?