Jarvee tiktok ... bmmdn

Can you add a list of tiktok users and use your accounts added to jarvee to follow this list? I think IG module from jarvee have this option

Yes, you can use “Follow specific users” as source on your tiktok account.


here you go


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Yeah, add them one per line and press Add usernames

i know what your saying but this is not what I asked…

I’m asking if I can Import a list of users, hundreds or thousands and If I can use my Tiktok accounts to follow them

I know that but that is not what I asked. Thanks anyway

You mean you want to import csv ? Not sure if you can but you can get the csv to text and then make it to be in the exact format. It’s not that hard. Not sure if the strings has a limit but you can add more than 100, I’m sure of that :slight_smile:

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You can import the list to JV by creating an import file (*.csv). The format you need to use in your CSV file is simple.

I used to this on instagram jarvee module. Your attached photo is for Tiktok module? Just wanted to ask again to be sure.

Thanks for taking the time to post

Yes, it’s Tiktok module.

No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

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Jarvee is out of subject, the bot i am using is waaaay more cheaper and trusted, using for 4 months now and have good results.

And which bot is that?