Jarvee total action per day

I installed Jarvee yesterday and trying to understand it. Interesting tool but I am confused about one thing- “TOOL” bar - on the picture you see today/total info each day. Why there is a specific number of likes/comments/follows that can be made today in total and I can’t increase it?

In settings I changed everything to have more likes and follows per hour/per day but nothing change, I don’t understand this? Only 2 comments? Only 62 follows?


The first number is how many actions performed that day, and the second number is the total that account has done through the program ever. There is nothing to change, it just continues to increase over time.

If you can’t perform actions then it’s because your account is being blocked from doing so, as indicated by the red :information_source: icon. Hold your mouse over it to read the tooltip error messages.

hi thanks for answer.
Why I can’t change it? I want Jarvee to comment more but it done only two comments today?
I have two accounts and one have even less number 22 likes per day and 35 follows only?
I understand what you explained but I don’t understand why I can’t ask Jarvee to do more actions

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to reduce spam, instagram limits actions (follow, like, dm …) if you can’t follow, it is because you are blocked, wait 1-2 days and try again, run slow settings.(google translate)

Nope, I am not blocked. I am asking how to change it. How to increase “total” per day
Well if I am paying Jarvee for 2 comments, 22 likes and 35 follows per day I can do it myself :stuck_out_tongue: it should be changed somehow

Honestly I would advice you to start of reading the tutorial that comes with it.
Secondly look up basic setup videos on youtube.
That will truely help you out. Those will answere your questions :slightly_smiling_face:
Other than that, do not expect to be able to start automating with several hundred actions from the beginning. You will quickly hit a block. You have to build your way up slowly.

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But is that tutorial still up to date?

MPsocial is kind of so check out the threads about it. Lots of good info @Alb65

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if you have still not got it, the second number is lifetime actions on that account which will increase on each passing day with more actions. For the limits you will have to go to tools menu on the left side and then change the limits in settings for a particular action on a particular account

well said lol