Jarvee twitter error 81

Hi guys,

Just started using Jarvee for Twitter .I do only likes . Source is posts from specified accounts followers .

Currently I get frequent Error 81 - "No tweets found for this source "

And there is no info on this issue on the web

How bad is this and how to fix it ? Soo bloody annoying :nauseated_face:

Thanks and cheers!

Did you contact Jarvee support?

Twitter like tool is some fkin joke

When you limit likes to ,say, 2 per user per 72 hrs it keeps liking tweets from the same user within the same operation

WTF? Am I the only one using it in the last 10 years so they have no idea about these issues…

What filters are you using? We usually find more info about an error from the error screenshot in Summary tab. Hover over the word SCREENSHOT with your mouse, then it will show the error screenshot. It could be that the target account has 0 tweets or you have set the tool to like only tweets that are not older than 5 days for example, and the account hasn’t tweeted in a while

contact support with a screenshot of your favorite tool results and a screenshot of your settings.

It doesn’t say it’s an error .

I’ve set MAX likes per user . Why does it keep liking the same user’s tweets?

What is the image of the error in Dashboard == Summary? When there are errors, you can hover over the word SCREENSHOT next to the error, and an image of the error will appear.

contact Jarvee support if you still have that issue and make sure to provide them with the right screenshots and details they will be able to help you.