Jarvee - Twitter settings 2019


I was wondering if you could please point me towards good setting source for Jarvee to grow my Twitter?

I tried to find something on you tube, but without any good results.


Following. Twitter has been a bit of a pain for us, but tons of clients are asking for it

I’ve done Twitter marketing before (cam affiliate link + Twitter DM = :money_mouth_face:) but only very briefly (3 months or so) and I find that Twitter is a much more complicated platform compared to IG. (Don’t even get me started with fricking Facebook)

Because of this, those that are successful in Twitter marketing tend to be very secretive, especially with their settings.

I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but I’ll tell you anyway.

Any good settings involves a lot of testing. When I say “a lot”, that means a lot of time AND money.

You will get accounts banned. Lots of them. If not, then your experiments aren’t bold enough to get you the best results.

If you want to be conservative, I’d suggest starting small. (e.g. 10 follows, 10 retweets, 50 likes)

Stick to it for a few days, then double it. Then have that for a few days, then double again.

Make sure you make a journal for your daily settings, you’ll need it for future accounts.

If one day, you double your settings, then you get PVs (or bans), then you know you went faster than you should have. Write it down on your journal and adjust accordingly.

If you only have a few accounts, try running your new settings for the day one by one. So in case it’s too much, you’ll only get 1 account on PV or banned at most. The others can adjust and avoid having the same thing happen to them.


Thank you very much for that.

I will try on a dummy account first and see what’s going to happen!

Amazing, thank you so much