Jarvee Unfollow & other

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use Jarvee and find it a really good and useful tool.
There are some things I don’t understand yet:

  1. why can’t I see the unfollow (results) list as for likes and follows? it’s normal?
  2. it is possible to make Jarvee follow certain people for example all those whose nickname starts for ex. “lovemy …” and then “lovemydog”, “lovemyhome”, “lovemyaaa” … is there any way to set such a thing?
  3. at the beginning my comments were blocked by IG for several days while now several times I have been temporarily blocked but only for 2 minutes because it was the block time that I had set in Jarvee … I do not understand why this difference between the first time and the following … why do I have to decide this blocking time and instagram doesn’t decide? (I hope I have explained)


  1. You can see the Unfollow results in Ignore tab:
    Social Profiles tab > click on the account > Ignore tab.

  2. You can use this filter if you only want to follow users that have lovemy in their usernames. But you still need to add sources in the Sources tab.

  3. Do you mean you get this option checked?

    If so, that’s the suspend time, it doesn’t mean that the block will last only for two minutes. After the account goes back to valid, it’s possible that the account is still blocked by Instagram.

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Thank you!

  1. How can I tell if the block continues on Ig? For example if I still have blocked likes? Does Instagram tell me this? thank you

Yes, once your account switches to valid and executes an operation, if your account still gets blocked, you will see the block message in Summary tab that the action is blocked. You can also go to TOOLS tab, click SHOW ERRORS, then you will see all the errors your account gets including the blocks.

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Now for follows says “Your search took than 20 minutes and was aborted …”
and “total scraped 220 passes filters 0 for source …”

But I’m sure that in the sources that I have put there are many that start with the names I have chosen …
how should i do? thank you

It’s best to contact their support about that issue. You’ll get the fastest help and reply that way.

you are most likely using a lot of filters and Jarvee couldn’t get a match from the sources that you added, you can share a screenshot of the settings tab for the follow tool and we will try to help you, you can remove all the filters that you have then start putting them back one by one until you find the one with the issue.

Jarvee aborts the search when it takes more than 20 minutes.

It takes too long for Jarvee to find users that start with the name you added in this filter.

What source option are you using exactly?