Jarvee - Unfollow tool not working correctly

Hey guys,

So recently, the unfollow tool in Jarvee has been unfollowing old accounts that were followed manually months ago.

Presumably, all accounts that are followed manually outside of Jarvee should be entered into the Whitelist but there have been at least 5-6 accounts for all my clients that have been unfollowed for some reason.

I have “Use Whitelist” and “Auto-Extract” checked in my unfollow options.

The tool was working perfectly but since the latest Instagram update it’s been acting up.

Would appreciate any feedback!

Thanks :pray:

Have you looked at the Jarvee logs and confirmed that it was in fact Jarvee that unfollowed them?

Contact Jarvee support team with all the screenshot provided so they’ll take a look at this situation and probably will give a solution

The easiest and best way to solve any software related problems is to contact the company itself. The same goes for Jarvee - this is not a support forum, mate :wink: