Jarvee Update - Mute Users Tab

Does anyone have settings cued up for this new update that they don’t mind sharing?

There is a mute users tab now, there was originally a mute users button (under the follow tab) now my accounts aren’t muting users and I’m a bit nervous about how to setup the new mute users tab.


I never used this option. The Jarvee support is actually the best to ask for questions like this.

I agree their support is top notch and will get back to you quickly. Shoot them an email :+1:t4:

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To be fair i would just use the actions you need. Sometimes less is more :wink:

the thing is, my clients don’t want to see randoms on their timeline, so muting is absolutely necessary

Ahh fair enough i usually have mine to mute when following so not had to use that option.