Jarvee- Very Annoying. Invalid sources

Hey guys. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately with invalid sources for following.

90% of my accounts are not doing follows for the past two days and are stuck with an error saying invalid sources.

Ive added new sources, ive used no filters, I’ve added more scrapers. Finally fixed my DM issue and then now I have a follow issue and can’t even DM.

Ive contacted jarvee and they said could be scrape blocks 2 of 200 scrapers have a scraper block. So, its not that.

Please help.


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Had the same problem. I can share my solution.

  1. Proxies. I use IP Authentification for my proxies, but had not in mind that my IP Adress changed every day. So I set up a static IP to keep connection to my proxies active. Everytime my IP changed, Jarvee didnt find sources.
  2. Amount of actions. When using follow tool e.g. try to follow only 1-2 people per operation. This worked for me. I think the more actions per operation, the higher the possibility of the tool not finding sources, dont know how this is related.

Jarvee support wrote me this:
“Please try to uncheck all the filters that you’ve got on your Follow Settings tab, re-add your sources, Stop/Start the tool and see if the issue will persist.”

Hope this helps // Leon

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I still have the problem sometimes, but only for a few operations per day.

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As @Eleoen pointed out, sometimes existing options/settings or even old results can cause issues. If changing the settings won’t help, try moving the account into a fresh social profile, just to be sure.


I use @HenryCooper proxy and I think his IP changes once a day.

It was weird as it only started happening a week ago when I changed my jarvee to a vps. Started going downhill.

Even with 2-3 actions its still getting it. Dms are fine and so are likes. It’s follows that are causing issues.

Reckon vps can be the issue?

Or proxies not being fast enough?
Just was easily doing 100 follows per account for months and then all of a sudden can barely get 10.

sweet may try that. Just keeping the same device ID.

I normally wait a bit and then I change the settings, 9 out of 10 time’s changing the settings does it for me

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Jarvee support believes its my scrapers proxies fault. Been using the same place for 6 months with no issues till now. Emailed the provider to see if they cab help

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Just open a support ticket with my staff, Alex will help you with Jarvee related issues.

The IPs (depending on proxy tier) change every 10 hours or whenever the provider/modem decides to make an IP change (side effect of selling a dedicated dongle).

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Jarvee believes it’s related to my scrapers proxies, I use another service for that.

You said the issue started happening after you moved Jarvee to a VPS. It seems your scraper accounts proxies are using IP authentication, so the proxies can’t be used until you add your VPS IP to the whitelist.

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Nah, I wish it was that. But they use a password and not linked to an IP.
I moved it back to my laptop and i’m getting a little bit if follows but my scrapers are getting hot with delays constantly and the accounts are only following 1 or 2 people instead of the amount it should be.

But at least 50% are not doing any follows still

I have a feeling the VPS is too slow to handle my 60 accounts with 200 scrapers, it was bugging out a lot. Bringing it back to my laptop it is now ding some follows but not like it used to

How much ram do you have on your PC? When I had 8 Ram and was running 100 accounts I had the same issue. Once I upgraded to 32 GB it’s gone and working smoothly.

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Thought about buying a server from Hetzner? They are not so expensive but dedicated.

Yeah I think its the ram on the vps that’s the issue.
I put it back on my laptop and its running better.

Now the issue is all my slaves and scrapers have got delays on them. Not sure if I should take off my api limits or just wait them out.

Very weird that they all got delayed though

Just wait them out. Are you using only follow followers of target accounts as source?
I think your main account is trying to follow too many users in one operation which makes your scrapers get delayed. When scrapers have delayed status, the main accounts show no more results found for source xxx message in Summary. But you’re still getting the same issue even with 2-3 follows in 1 operation? :thinking:

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when the delay status kicks in it mean the account has surpassed the limits so it will be unwise to remove the API limit, you will endanger your account.

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I think my api limits are too strict possibly. Jarvee support said to change them but didn’t give any recommendations yet

using follow people that interacted with target accounts and have lots of different sources. They don’t all use the same ones.

Some are doing the proper amounts of following, but now most of the accounts are getting delays from api use. (Have to use api for dms- long story)

May need to let some accounts rest, while others build up to their usual limits then restart more.

My theory is that the vps ram was too small and this was causing jarvee to freeze up a lot and take too long. Not sure if this is true but it got better when I moved it back to my laptop which has a lot more memory.

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