Jarvee vs Ninjagram vs NinjaPinner "Ninjagram"?


I’ve been using Jarvee for almost a year.
They started having a lot of issues even before this big algoritham change, like since march or so, and i was with them for days emailing and emailing to try to find solutions, but i gave up talk with them, it was pointless.

I came accross Ninjagram and NinjaPinner which has also some NInjagram tool.

I am wondering does anyone have experineces with those tools? Are they even close to Jarvee’s options?

And so on… Please share experince.

Jarvee has a lot of problems and bugs but they fix it very fast so for me is one of the best tools to automate rigt now

But did anyone use Ninjagrams?

Jarvee all the way up

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Jarvee is the leader in IG.
Not sure about Pinterest automation.

Ninjapinner’s software is for automation, everything else called “Ninjagram” are marketing agencies who couldn’t think of a name (I’m talking those first 2 google results).
Nothing can be compared to Jarvee, last time I used Ninjagram was a year ago and it barely had any features.

NinjaGram is awesome! I’ve been using it for years. The support is also very helpful. But I rarely have issues. They also have the tumbleNinja. I also bought Ninjapinner, but I don’t use it.

dont know why but i can like a lot more posts on ninjagram compared to jarvee and i get blocked maybe once a month liking 3x more posts then on jarvee and i get blocked on jarvee 2 times a week, keep in mind i got proxies on jarvee and no proxies on ninjagram

To be honest I have not had any issues with “Jay” since the day I switched to it.
I am sorry to hear that your are not sharing the same experience. Personally I have tried other automation tools on the market, they did work but had nothing even close to the opportunities you have in Jay.
Yet alone the option for IG alone is amazing, but having the possibility to do automation on different platforms too is incredible.

Jarvee is the best! Amazing support, fast updating and lots of tools
I’m their fan and I really do love them (and they know it) :slight_smile:

I love ninjagram and ninjapinner. I used it- mainly ninjagram- for years without problems and it helped me learn so much about Instagram and botting. The developer is really nice too. If I remember correctly it does everything through the browser and doesn’t emulate a phone.
I would say the only problem was scaling up- if you have only a few accounts it’s fine mainly because you have to open a completely new window for each account. BUT (unless I haven’t seen an update) you don’t get the fine tuned features you find in Jarvee like Auto DM, very detailed filters (though there are some), or fine tuned scraping on ninjagram. If all you need is F/U, like, some comments with spintax then ninjagram is a stable and reliable option for you!
I sort of lost interest with Pinterest but ninjapinner was pretty solid for follow unfollow. I never used it for reposting or liking. I was thinking of starting it back up again- maybe I’ll dust it off today!

In the end I couldn’t use ninjagram for 80 accounts so I had to move on. But it helped me grow 2 accounts to 10k and 30k respectively.