Jarvee - When To Mark As Valid?

Can someone tell me, when to use the “mark as valid” function? I mean, just marking the account as valid though it isn’t has not a really a use, or does it?

In our experience, ‘Mark as valid’ is more useful if you’re using full EB (no api) because you can see the status of the account using the browser.

With full EB, if you manually login successfully through the browser, you can mark the account as valid instead of clicking verify and waiting for it to switch to the correct status.

When you’re using cookies only!

Yes, only when you want to keep the existing cookies on the account.

for Instagram i don’t need it so often because i work on the main accounts just with API Calls.

But all other Plattforms is really important to use Mark as Valid. Many times you get wrong Status from JV and if you open EB all is fine and you are loggedin in this case i use Mark as Valid.


I use it when I login manually with EB the first time

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Only when you are able to login inside Embedded browser and your account is performing actions via EB.

So do you say when I am logged in I can just mark it as valid? I have to doubt that sine I the login via EB and API are two different operations. That’s why you might get a “API login error” and are usually still able to use the EB.

*I was just thinking…Of course you would be right, if you use “USE EB ONLY”.

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it has a great value, sometimes JV doesn’t recognize that the account is logged from the EB and keep the status as initializing or pending…etc you can mark the account as valid after making sure that it’s is logged and working from the EB and that will solve the wrong status issue.

Yea. at my knowledge EB simulate Using Instagram on Mobile Chrome Browser just Android or Desktop Instagram. And API simulate the APP. And instagram is focus in APP not in Browser (Mobile/Desktop) This is why the API can make more because you also can make more in the App like i real :slight_smile:

When we add a new account, sometimes the account goes delayed right away because of our delay settings. We can mark it as valid so that we don’t have to wait until Jarvee switches the status to valid.