Jarvee Without Proxy

Hi all,

I’ve been searching for long hours the forum but unfortunately, I cannot find an updated answer to my question, as I believe that things might be different since the latest IG changes.

This is the scenario:

  • Home user
  • Jarvee running on Win7 machine (24/7)
  • no proxies

what are the max accounts that can be automated without issues, he wants a max of 5, in order to replicate what he actually does in his phone.
He will automate, F/UNF, Likes, comments (in only one account) and maybe story views.

Note: he also travels a lot, what to do in that case? Stop automation? Do not open IG app?

Thanks for the advice!


5 accounts are fine. It shouldn’t be a problem from my experience. Was in four countries and didnt get any blocks. Just make sure there are same devices in use.

Also a lot of my customers are travelling and didnt got ban or block while I did automation at home, they were DMing and Liking from there also…


You didn’t find the right answer because it doesn’t exist.
There are a lot of factors could influence the number of accounts you can use on your home IP
Just start testing yourself, start loading 1 by 1, execute actions and when you will begin getting blocks it means you overloaded your setup.

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5 should work just fine if everything else is within the limits

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It all depends, on my home IP, I had around 15-20 accounts that I was running manually, if you don’t force actions too much, 5-10 should be good and safe, just have them all warmed up if some of them are new accounts.

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i dont fully understand you my friend
you say running 5 - 10 accounts low settings at the same time
can work?

im running 5 accounts at the same time no proxy
for a very long time and its work fine for me
but i never try to run more without a proxy

and i don’t know what can happen if it try :thinking:

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There isn’t one-work-for-all answer to this. Good thing is that you can test. If you are getting blocks you’ll know you are hitting your limits.


Worst thing that can happen is to get your account banned, and I think they are banning only new accounts with low trust score, so if you have old accounts that already execute good number of actions then they will probably just get blocks, you will need to make tests to see what are your limits.

I’ve successully ran 5 but be very careful he protects his subnet. Also you do a google remote desktop on his phone when hes away…

Thanks to all, we will start the experiment soon:

2 old accounts (3 years old)
1 young account (1 year)
2 baby accounts (just created in the same phone/location)

Also I will document the actions performed for all of them.

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I have some news, the account’s owner traveled to other country and Jarvee continued running in his local computer. When he came back home after the weekend all actions were blocked, password was changed and one week block was received.

Note: he didn’t do much in the app doing the trip, but he opened it and maybe liked a few pics or answered messages, and posted a single pic.

So now comes the interesting part, was this because of different IP location?
(He only connected using wifi access in hotels, he never used mobile data (4G - roaming)
Now we have a lot of questions… Will he be able to use the app at his city, with 4G or other Internet access when he is not at home sharing same IP.

Your thoughts please :slight_smile:

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