Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked

Starts looking good tnx to instascalp!!


Please always happy to help )


hey are you not getting any hardblocks via full api?


yes.same question…

Have you had any luck with likes?

I’m using residential IP for just my personal account. Can I use scraper account with the same IP?

Thanks for settings, working amazing. Just activated follow (incl. like after follow) unfollow and story view (150-200 a day) would you recommend to add additional tools like comments? Further more I am active on daytime. Would you recommend to work only at night to avoid double action of the client? Or just daytime?

How are you able to do so many actions? I’m getting blocked left and right when it comes to follow/un or like

Are any of these guides working?
Gave up a few months ago and waiting until a working guide finally comes out so I’m not wasting my time again.

You might as well give up permanently then. What people don’t realize is the algo is constantly changing and there’s so many different trust factors now what works for one person or even one account won’t work for another. Even if it does work for a while, pattern recognition will notice trends when large masses of people start using the same settings which is why someone posts a working guide and it is ripped apart a week or two later

Only way to succeed is to do your own thorough tests, recognize there isn’t a one size fits all solution, get accounts working that work with your first sets of settings, then take the accounts not working adjust and find a solution for them, rinse repeat.


its not work anymore.i already quit long time ago