Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


can you plz explain this further


Guys, I do not know about others, but right now accounts that were not working before , are working now. In my case I did not change anything, I just was trying every day with same settings that other accounts were working, until they got a block.
Or JRV did something different or IG took some rest of fucking me up.


nice , nd how many account you run on 1 4g proxy ?


You’re great, Dmitry


from 6 to 9, they work in two shifts, not more than 5 in one shift


what do you mean by it you divide them ? means example 3 account same time running at 6am
and 3 others running at 6pm somethin like that


some accounts work at night, rest during the day, I just do not make all of them run at the same time


but what about the ones that work only at night they run follow actions all same time with no issue ?


Today, yes, tomorrow, we will see


It works for me for 1 day now I have action block but fake one
how I can solve this? jarvee says block but actually it’s not in block


are you using apicode? or EB?


Guys, you need to use both API and EB, here each account individually. Check


Today I’ve got some good results too.

I left a few main accounts on since 12am and woke up to them being on around 500 follows already!

This is what we need!


on the same account ? how it’s done mean you use 1 day eb next day api don’t you think it will block us ?


Today I have terrible results - again all new hard blocks and accounts warming up again still 0 and blocked. I do not get it. If you have success I am seriously interested in consulting! Please PM me!


I’ll be honest, out of 150 account only 3 are at 300-500 followings today since 1am already. 37 accounts range around 40 - 70 and seem to be only action blocked. The remaining accounts are 0-10 with action blocks and alot of hard blocks.

Strangely enough is that 1 account is 4 months old, another around 2 months and the other around a few weeks from what’s performing most.

But also my DMs to extracted users is up in the 30’s - this is around 90 accounts.

It’s all so very confusing.

The only answer I can think of is TRUST SCORE. :smirk:


What’s the purpose in following 300-500 if you’re just going to have to reduce the amount to meet the monthly limit? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just aim for 180-200 daily?


I’m guessing taking advantage of the good days. It’s a good strategy, I’d say.

During days when IG’s not too bitchy, might as well follow as much as you can, right? :wink:


More likely to get penalized nowadays for it. They ban accounts nowadays for ‘following too aggressively’


i don’t understand how you manage to get 300 follow in 1 account and struggle on 37 ones to make more thn 70 follow ?
is it a proxy issue ?