Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked

hi. are you using your own 4g proxy? how many account you run /proxy? can i see your follow.like.unfollow settings?

200/350 per account?

how many accounts do you add for each slave?

Here is my log actions on account, which on screenshot higher made 207 subscriptions. The only problem I’m facing right now is sending messages to Direct.


Hello. Yes, I have my own 4G proxies. I connect no more than 8 accounts per 1 proxy.

That’s right. 1 account make from 200 to 350 subscriptions. 1 scraper I use for a maximum of 3 customer accounts

a lot of people are reporting Error 210 but Customer support will just tell you that you are retarded so yeah

using api? no eb? how many people you follow /day /accoubt?
scrapper you mean? using mother and slavr account ? slave scrap account send to master?

Yes, no EB, only API. That’s right

The only way not to get blocks is to do it manual, it is clear, I think i am going to start with 5 problematic accounts.

Because with automation you steal possible ad revenue from them :confused:


may i know.what option did you check on social profile advanced?

Can I ask what kind of proxy are u using ?

I use 4G proxies

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Thanks I’ll give this set up a try!!


I meant why J support does that to us (giving simple guides while it isn’t as simple)
On the other hand I would love to use IG ads if they performed better. Now when automation runs well maybe it’s time to give them another shot.

thanks mate. maximun follow and like per hour?

you only do actions for 7 hours?

for me API is working now better than EB

No, should I do the actions for 7 hours?