Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


ahh shoot replied to the wrong post - the showing setting have a night mode from 7-23:59 wanted to reply to him :smiley:


This I have just set according to my time. To check the work of accounts at night, so that customers do not overlap in working with Jarvee


I see this works well for me 2.


so why they don’t shut it down totally knowing that it’s pretty daamn easy for them to make it ?


just saw you edited the api relogs to be able to relog every 60 -120 doesn’t huge amount of possible relogs brings you lot of ACs?


Anyone have solution on the DM Block?
It’s irritating … Is J problem or IG problem (bug)?


To much collateral damage.


yes but don’t you thin they are going through it if they stay on this direction


No. As I said 2 years ago, it will just get more expensive.


yes im. cant dm. using api and eb get blocked


what do you mean y more expensive you mean insta ads or automation will cost more


both actually.


^ I was referring to this.

But @andrejo is probably right too.


ads due to supply and demand

and aumation due to difficulty


ok spending on many accounts for testing changing between proxy…

Do you believe that if jv somehow stop their software , we gonna get a better soft or a similar one bcs to be honest i see no real competitor that keeps updaing and coping with insta (with difficulty but workin) like them


you can surely forget that idea, learn how to work with what you have got or go manual


that’s what i tell to people who write some threds like : AutOmaTion iS dEad

it’s like telling will facebook ads stop , will seo stop working , what if netflix shut down how we gonna see some dope series


hey guys, i’ve been resting my account for about a week now after getting my first AC & 3-block. what do yall think i should do, reset my device id and use the api+scrapper or scrapper + EB. I was using EB before with no scrapper. All input would be must appreciated


should I even reset the device id after an AC?


General speaking I think there cannot be “much” done on the blocking side. If there is anything that has been forgotten - which I do not think - they will add it sooner or later. Instagram always tries to keep backwards compatible with its app versions.

So what we are seeing happened on the server-side of Instagram afaik and not as much on the bot side (actually taking event tracking into consideration for evaluation etc). Those changes might kick people out that work with a low ROI, thus the increased costs will kill them. Which is why I always recommend: increase the conversations, leads and customer-lifetime-value before you go hard on infrastructure costs. Over time you will be forced to work on those anyway.