Jarvee's problem not posting in campaigns

Hi guys,
After about 2 months of a campaign running it just stopped today to post to destinations, just showing 0 destinations instead of the Facebook groups, someone came across this problem?
I tried to open a new campaign and set a new destination but still the same problem.

Thank you for your help

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Do you have that issue on the latest version my campaign is running fine.

Other campaigns are running fine, just this problem with facebook groups

I noticed this as well yesterday. But posting to groups is working fine on my end now. Restart your Jarvee and try again.

Already tried, everything is the same

What Jarvee version do you have? I think is the latest

Hello @Adnan,

I see the same issue with posting on fb groups, looks like there is a new change in fb, can you please help?

the was released yesterday with the fix, i had the same exact issue, now it’s working fine

Same issue with posting on IG