Jeff Miller - Facebook Agency Scaling Secrets Inner Circle

Has anybody joined Jeff Miller’s Facebook Agency Scaling Secrets Inner Circle? If so, what are your thoughts? It’s $3,000, but Jeff does seem like he has a lot of experience, so I’m wondering if it’s good. Thanks in advance.

Honestly man these courses on FB ads are all the same info just taught in a different way. I really recommend spending your money on Adskills… it’s super in depth information on running ads on every platform, also Facebook Blueprint is free and great to get started with before you go spend 3k for a guru course. I have Kevin David’s Agency course as well and it’s really good. What Info are you looking for specifically, how to run ads or how to start an agency? Or both


Mainly client acquisition. I’ve a lot of experience in running Ads, just looking to get more customers. I heard Jeff Miller has some good information on that. I agree about the courses being mostly the same and overpriced.

I did not tried that inner circle but I’m in this field for years…almost 20 and I can tell you that it’s all about talking the right way to the right person. First of all you need to ask your self a question:“Which is that thing which does not make the sleep a night? What they think about? Which is their worries? What they really need to solve”.

Than talk to them in a genuine way and don’t be pushy. Don’t sell. People hate when you do ads like:“There are the 7 best ways to be fit…but if you really want to be fit, buy my course…”

People just hate this. Be genuine. Give information. Understand your target audience better than their mother does.

This is the most important thing ever.

All the inner circles are great in order to boost your mindset. It takes years to get the right mindset by your self. An inner circle made by great people, will boost your beliefs and mindset. This is the real value.

Cheers buddy.

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I used to think the same about this course but later I figured out it is the same shit just reheated. Same cold email approach and same other shits.

Have you done his course?

My friend had it and I checked it.