Hi all,

As engagement rates are dropping at a rapid rate. I reckon we all need a good ER perk.

Personally, I have not been in a DM group before and, I find it rather hard to find one.
So, why not let’s create one? And, I think why not make it a really fun & sociable one?
One that we engage in the DM group, giving one another compliments, tips/ feedback or anything under the sun.

I have done some research online, and below are some basic rules.

Basic rules:

  • Fashion/ Lifestyle niche
  • 30K or more accounts
  • Check IG, and engage hourly (According to your time zone)
  • Like & Comment
  • Follow every member
  • Write “posted” in chatlog instead of sharing your post
  • Option to like from unique monthly hashtag
  • Real profiles only!
  • HAVE FUN! Feel free to talk to one another & give tips/ feedback.

If interested to increase your ER, send me a message with your @handlename.
Once I get enough users, I’ll add everyone into the DM group.

Cheers and I look forward to creating good social engagement with everyone!

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Great! Will DM you the instagram name. :slight_smile:

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Sure, I look forward to it. :slight_smile:

Remember to drop me a message if interested. :):slight_smile: