Join our Comedy/funny videos Engagement Group

Hi guys!

We have a Telegram group for comedy/meme/funny videos related IG accounts. Would love to get more people involved! Write me here your Telegram username and I’ll add you!

p.s. We chose Telegram since on Instagram groups disappear underneath other messages. Also you can’t remove unactive members or add more than 15. Just create a Telegram username and let’s keep it there.


Add me on telegram Gwl123

Hi Gary! Your username did not come up :slight_smile: Could you write to @Lifeslice and we add you that way?


Hi Lana! Please add me! Username comedy_boat

Thx! :slight_smile:

sounds awesome what size are the accounts in your group?

Hello. @mvmlt add me please


Yes They have started to close down a lot of DM groups on IG

Hey please add me @nbskyward

Hope to be added. @foureyedt

Add me @shriveledupshrimp

Can I join? @theborisstories

Hello. I would love to join. Burchisms is my username on telegram

i need more comedic memes in my life

Thank you for this!