Joined and set up my jarvee yesterday on 3 different accounts same name but with a variation

So I joined jarvee and this forum yesterday spent the entire day researching .after what happened on instagram today and the massive panic throughout the forum I’m worried about whether my main account is at risk it’s got 50k followers but I bought it with those already.

I’ve launched an app and I’m trying to get people to download it. So the name of my accs are

Is this sort of naming dangerous ?
The other accounts were mine but dormant for the past 5 months.
On my main account I’ve put follow setting on 35 per hour max 83 per day with 30 increase upto 440.

7 follow backs per hour. 168 per day
6 unfollows per hour . 60 max per day eventually up to 92

70 likes- 180 likes per day
Plus 37 daily until 800 per day
86 comments per day , 12 per hour with an increase of 8 per day until it teaches 285 per day

Are these safe right now ?

The other accounts have more or less the same settings just pushed a little further on each.

All are on the same residential IP

I’m going to see tomorrow what results I’ve gotten from them in a 24 hour period as far as app downloads.
My targetting is good. I’ve gotten replies to the comments saying cool app , nice job I like it and etc

Just want to know what I need to adjust to remain on the safe side.

Thanks for your replies and what a cool forum !

you need to warm up your accounts. The settings you’re using will probably get your account flagged…you can use the search function to learn how to warm up accounts

I found these settings under a beginners guide

So they are too agressive ? How long should I warm up for

Another important question I forgot to ask .
First one was : can the names be similar on all 3 accounts e.g. savingsappitaly savingsitalyapp ?
Does it matter if I post the same picture on the different accounts?

I would also recommend delaying comments until after the account is warmed up

Thanks adjusted accordingly. How much can i comment , after like 2 to 3 weeks ? How far should I stretch it ?

As my comments convert very well into downloads

It really depends on how varied your comments are. How much variation do they have or how do they look like?
(The more varied, the better)

that’s to much to get you on hot water with instagram
checkout this

35 follows per hour is aggressive as well as 70-180 likes on day 1. Same thing for comments.
I suggest you to start slowly, results will be long lasting!

With brand new accounts just created I don’t do anything with them for 2-4 weeks. After that I’ll start with just the story viewer, starting slow and working up over a few days. After 3-7 days of that I’ll start f/u. Patience and building up the accounts trust with IG has worked best for me, along with mobile proxies.


Thats a good tutorial and setting for warm up bro.

As far as I know, the name doesn’t really matter. That’s because there are a lot of accounts out there that have fan accounts. However if they are all on the same IP, if one account gets flagged, the others can eventually too.

Concerning your second question, if you post the same picture on different accounts, you just need to change their MD5. Just look for an MD5 changer online or edit the photo slightly in Photoshop.

As others adviced you, I would lower the settings, making 400max follows and 450 unfollows.

Plus, let the accounts rest on weekends, they need a break! Haah

Thank you. I had no idea about md5. How do I know if any of my accounts got flagged?

you should evitate having dots and special characters in the naming while botting.

ig detect them with more % like spam.

use always great namings, I suggest to use

You’ll start getting PVs frequently (each 4 - 6 days).

hey there just wondering if you are going through this action block issue with the rest of us? :slight_smile: