Joining Facebook Groups - Be Careful Of Your Sleep Settings

Hopefully this can help a newbie. Experienced marketers that have many FB accounts Im sure you are aware of what I am about to share.

I own 19 fb accounts and I am using mp to join groups. These are aged accounts so I have my settings set to join 30-40 accounts per day. Seems aggressive but they are aged accounts and it is working just fine. Until today I noticed that 2 of my accounts hadn’t joined any groups. Of course FB suspended me from joining. So I looked at my settings and quickly noticed the one mistake that I made with these two accounts. I did not set the sleep time. My other accounts sleep for up to 60 minutes after joining 5-10 groups.

So to be on the safe side I am going to push my sleep time back on all my other accounts to 2 hours. But if you are doing any FB Group marketing hopefully this helps


Yes, allowing enough time between actions is really important and this is one easy mistake one can do when setting everything up. Thanks for the share :wink:


Sleep sessions are always a must. Just try to mimic a human user.