Josue Pena must really be good

…At least with selling, in order to sell Instagram growth services for $4500. From what I’ve seen in the SMMA world, retainers that high usually come only with paid advertising services.

Does anyone think that he truly has a pure 7 figure Instagram businesses, or is a contingent of that money from the online courses he sells? Just wanted to hear out your thoughts.

Typically, in the IM world, people make their money from selling the knowledge.

They need to have some experience at least, so they can sell the info, but they are not the true practitioners who are in the trenches every day.

So, my assumption would be that he is making his cash from selling the courses and the stuff attached to them.


I would never spend a cent on an IG course, especially from those who leverage the same tools we do. All the information on IG you’ll ever need is free on insta.

He sells so high because he goes the viral path and branded himself. I don’t know him personally and don’t won’t to judge on his skills, but I’m pretty sure there are other people (for example in this forum) which are delivering way better results then him. But they are operating in silence in comparison to him.

Just because someone sells super high doesn’t mean that he is delivering the best results. When you are in the “all eyes on me” position, you are much likely to have a lot of requests. So he 1) can choose the best paying customers and 2) has a good reason to ask for a lot of $ because he can’t take on everyone.


Keep in mind, cost = expertise is a myth

There are amazing people who do IG services for cheap prices, and crappy people who charge a lot.

It’s all the sales approach and the perceived value shown to the prospect.


As the saying goes… those who can’t do, teach.


I honestly never subscribed fully to that logic.

When I need to teach / explain something to someone, I always get deeper into the subject so I can figure out the best way to lay it out. It brings to light questions, that when answered give a lot of “aha” moments.

Of course, there are a lot of people who just teach concepts that have no real-life application.


Of course. I’m referring to folks who only teach. Those that can do both are the best of all.

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I think he makes a decent amount but by no means the way its perceived. as @Tacos said, the projected lifestyle he puts on his Instagram is only to valuate the services he offers. Many members in the forum can do what he does if not better but with his team you’re pretty much buying for the name as opposed to the results.

Then again, that’s just capitalism/commercialization at its best

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Agreed! :smiley:

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He has a serious funnel set up, all automated. Hitting millions of people and a % come back, and buy his products.

He probably provides value for some, and no value to others. It’s all relative.

I’m guessing his knowledge is worthless here on this forum.


Speaking of the devil. I just got the 5th email of the week from him. Same generic, spammy looking emails. He’s not going after anyone that knows what they are doing.


I see him as a huge joke. His income is at least 75% from ebook sales, rather than actual services. Most of the level 3+ members here are better at SMM than he is.


I would even say up to 90% and more, he even talks about this in some of his vids how the way to get money is to know just a little bit more than whom you are selling to. I wouldn’t say his course is bad, it’s good for beginners who have no idea about instagram, but that is about it…


If you know the secrets, you don’t sell it to others…

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I just wrote my bachelor thesis about human influence in marketing. Basically he is using two mechanisms that are present in all of us.
Authority = Do whatever they say
Expensive = good

If he projects these things correctly to the right people. Some will buy no matter the price, it’s simply a matter of understanding how to trick people.


From a branding and a marketing & sales perspective it is amazing what he does. In my opinion is much better trying to learn from such people. Instead of being jealous! Not always easy though :wink:


He’s targeting newbies in what is essentially the internet marketing niche. I can say with complete confidence that this target marketing (newbies, IM) is the easiest to sell in- even easier than weight loss. Why? You can just fake everything and lie to people who don’t actually know what’s going on and are too lazy to do any research.

With this said, he does know more about Instagram than the average person and he does have the accounts to back it up, but that’s not actually very hard to do when you’re targeting newbies full of “motivation” etc.

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Why do I keep seeing this josue pena being topic everywhere?

He has branded and marketed himself as an authentic IG guru. His courses are costly and so discussion goes on whether to go with his course, does his course actually provide value and so on. And so its hyped up. There are many other courses available but not all are positioning themselves the way Josue Pena does.