💻 [Journey] Becoming A Successful Instagram Agency

Hello everyone,

my name is Marvin and I have been doing Instagram growth/automation for around four years now as a hobby and one year as a side hustle.

I now want to expand my current side hustle into a “Successful Instagram Agency” which is able to pay me a minimum of XX.XXX € every month. This process will be documented here to help and inspire others but also to give me motivation as I am able to see what I have achieved and also structure my plan more detailed.

This Journey will be updated every month with an update of what I was able to achieve regarding my main goals including intermediate goals for the next month and some weekly updates about the problems I face, ideas I have and intermediate step I will be doing to achieve my main goals.

My main goals are divided into four specific areas:

1. Instagram

Here goes everything related to Instagram.

Over the last month I developed my own manual growth set up which nearly allows me to do the same things Jarvee is able to with Follow/Unfollow/Like, but on a physical phone. I am not looking to put any client account back on an automation software ever again, because for me client safety is no. 1 priority and there is nothing safer than running account from a “real” phone.

At the moment my main income source is manual growth but I am looking to offer almost every service that can help my clients grow on Instagram.

In my eyes the second-best thing to grow accounts after manual growth is master/slave, which is why I want to learn it as fast as possible and offer it to my current clients, as I am already seeing a lot of demand there.

After mastering those 2 growth methods I will do my research on bonus services such as hashtag strategy, content creation, account reviews etc.

2. Client acquisition

I am currently working mostly with resellers which are white labelling my service, which makes it relatively effortless for me to get new clients, however I am very depended on those resellers and they can stop working with me at any point. In addition to that I am not able to scale at the speed I would like to scale, because I can only wait for the resellers to get clients which then ultimately links my scaling speed to the scaling speed of my resellers. Also, I am missing out on the possible profit margins, because most resellers are able to sell my service for more than double the price. I am still looking to acquire more resellers but mostly I´m looking to acquire my own direct clients.

To achieve this, I will test out the most common ways to get clients which are in my eyes: Ads, cold calling/RL meet up, Instagram DMs, LinkedIn. Once I have built a solid client base, it will start scaling on its own, as I will be using a referral system which encourages the clients to tell their friends about the growth service, as long as my service satisfies the clients, which it will do in 99% of the time.

3. Branding

At the moment I neither have website nor I have a clear corporate identity. If I want to become I legit Instagram Agency, boost my conversation rate and become a recognizable Agency, I will need to start branding.

Because of that I will need to create a website, turn all my current personal contact details into business contact details, turn all my current forum accounts into branded company accounts and spread the name of my agency as far as possible e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn, Forums like this one, word of mouth, etc.

4. Agency System

Currently the Agency is nearly only manged by myself and only small task like setting up new phones for manual growth are outsourced. However, my goal is to work as less as possible on tasks in my agency that can be done by someone else or automated, because of that I will need to figured out how to outsource as much as possible e.g. setting up new clients, cold calling, etc.

Also, I will need to optimize the workflow and transparency of the agency through CMR and accounting software, which are currently both just different google spreadsheets. :sweat_smile:

So, to get started these are my Main Goals for the rest of the year 2020:


  • Manual Growth: Run a total of 50 clients manually and maintain or even lower the current soft block rate I have.
  • Master Slave: Run a total of 400 slave accounts block free (<5% blocked).
  • (Do research on bonus services and up sell it to the clients if they want to increase growth).

Client acquisition:

  • Run first ads: 0/5 Clients acquired.
  • Set up LinkedIn: 0/5 Clients acquired.
  • Cold calling/meet up: 0/3 local client acquired.
  • Set up Instagram acquisition: 0/5 Clients acquired.


  • Create a Website.
  • Turn all my current contact details into business contact details (Skype, Telegram, WA etc.).
  • Set up the digital presence of my Agency (Instagram, LinkedIn, Forums).

Agency System

  • Set up CRM Software.
  • Set up accounting Software.
  • Outsource complete manual growth client set up to an employee.
  • Train one employee on the complete agency set up, so he is able to work on advanced e.g. setup scraping on Jarvee, set up slave accounts with my settings, etc.

Conclusion: For me the Instagram, Branding and Agency system plan seems doable, however client acquisition will be a lot harder, because I have never done Ads, cold calling etc. so far. At the moment it is most important for me to master the master/slave method as soon as possible, because of that I will focus most of my time on this task first, for now. I assuming I will be able to scale M/S relatively fast, as I did it in the past, before the June block wave hit last year, so I´m familiar with the process of source account research, setting up accounts, etc.

Done So Far:


  • I have set up 12 slave accounts which are currently warming up, I´m planning on setting up the DMs the coming days, because the accounts are now running block free for 1 week+ at the decided speed.

Client acquisition:

  • Nothing.


  • Hired someone to create a website for me, which is now in process.

Agency System:

  • Researched about CRM software and found Zoho as a very promising software to try out. I will give it a closer look in the next days.

I in the coming days I will update how my M/S set up is performing.

If you have any questions about me or my plans, feel free to ask them. But I will not reveal any exact settings or similar things.


Good luck brother :fist:

Since we have a lot in common - We had 90% of all accounts at resellers. After doing branding and website, without any marketing/promotions we moved to 60% of all accounts as being reselled with account number moving 213% up.

The best marketing - Keep up the good results, good client support and rest will follow itself.


I’m currently running something similar, but with Instagram giveaway/shoutout method.

Wish you all the best with your own agency!

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Great share @SuperSuppe wishing you well on your journey!

I see you mentioned Zoho for your CRM needs. I was browsing to find an effective alternative & stumbled across dolibarr.org an open source alternative

Seems it’s pretty reliable but maybe requires some developing. I will do some testing myself & see how it works. Maybe somebody will find It useful🙂

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Really exciting to see! Best of luck and thanks for sharing.
I hope you’ll update this =)

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Good luck with your journey! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m looking forward to your weekly and monthly updates!

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Good luck with your project!

A couple of suggestions.

I can also recommend Bitrix24, a free CRM with plenty of features.

And for client acquisition, you can try to create a sales thread in the marketplace here.

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Thanks for sharing, I hope you’ll get there and achieve your goals :smiley:

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Good luck! What’s your value proposition? Meaning, what do you “pitch” to potential clients- “x” number of followers per month, etc.

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Very happy to hear that, hopefully it will be the same once our website is up. Do you also gain client through your website or how were you able to scale that much to direct clients?

Thanks for all the feedback and wishes <3 First updates will come this weekend regarding M/S. Slaves are warmed up and are starting to send DMs soon :hugs:

Thank you for thoose 2 suggestions, I will check out both in the comng weeks. Do you guys use thoose CRM software mainly for client acquisition tracking or also to manage how the status of the clients are you are managing atm? E.g. Client is set up, Client needs target accounts revision, client need to pay invoice, etc.

When working with resellers I just let them now that I will follow ~150 people everday and the followback ratio depends on the source accounts they give me + the features we have e.g. muting users, not unfollowing friends etc. So they create their own calculations of what the value proposition is like for their client.
For direct clients I offer 300-100 followers per month depending on niche, content etc. I also got some client that are gaining like 40-50 followers per day but their are rare.

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Nice to see you with this journey here! Good luck & much success!

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I’m super excited for this journey! I’m preparing on starting one too and want to learn from your experience.

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Weekly Update:


  • Manual Growth is running okay for now, did some changes on the system which should lower the block rate. Also a few of my current resellers are scaling fast,because of that I will probably be able to reach 100+ manual client by the end of the year if everything works out as planned. The only minor problem I have right now is scaling. Setting up new clients takes too long, because of that I will stock up my hardware and teach my employee how to set up accounts and do basic client info spreadsheet stuff.
    Regarding M/S I have to admit that I lost a few accounts because I did not connected an email account to them and therefore they got hit by a EV and because I do not have access to the phone number anymore, I had to discard them.
    Overall I am happy with the M/S results so far (nearly zero blocks), but I would like to scale faster, this week I was only able to profile and set up like 10 accounts which is very slow (was a very busy week). Therefore I will probably teach my employee how to set up accounts with basic warm up settings and profile them after wards. Once I´m scaling to 100 slave accounts I will also test creating my own accounts and profiling them right after the creation process on a real device.
    Current Jarvee M/S stats of some of the accounts:

Client acquisition:

  • As I am currently getting flooded with clients through my resellers, this is not my main priority at the moment. Therefore I will not work too much on this section in the coming weeks.


  • Nothing new, website still in construction.

Agency System:

  • Got some CRM software suggestions from @K.i.n.g & @HydraProxy but did not had the time to look at them. The coming week I want to start teaching my employee some basic stuff to accelerate scaling, as mentioned above.


  • I´m happy with the results but the scaling speed is too low.

Awesome update, I’m looking forward to following you! :slight_smile:

Good luck on your journey, I’ll definitely stick around. As a source of customer acquisition methods, besides the ones mentioned above, I would recommend freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. These can be a great source of organic lead gen that once is set up doesn’t really need much effort to sustain. Email marketing is another one that worked great for us along with Ig dm’s

I’m curious, where did you find these resellers? I’m assuming you have some kind of affiliate link that you provide to keep track of their sales?

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