Journey- Music MC Method

I figured that since I have been doing MC on Instagram for 2-3 years now that I should start working on other platforms.

I just hope that Jarvee is well built for thie kind of method still.

My first thoughts are too start testing some aged accounts, figure out some warmup methods and routines and then try and see what I can do with bring traffic to other pages.

Now! Can someone link me to some current guides or action limits? Anything that will help me figure things out faster.

I will update this thread, only if people engage with me in it. If it starts to die. Then I will just post when I hit big milestones.


What platforms are you considering?

What do you mean? This is a YouTube thread.
So, starting here then seeing what else it out there.

I already do MS on IG.

So, looking at yt first. Spotify seems way to hard and risky.

My bad, read it as a journey thread. Was considering the same thing aswell but using IG m/s as a way to grow a youtube aswell

Yeah will be a journey thread for YT.

Growing playlists, increasing views and subs etc.

Probably easier just to grow big YT accounts and then shoutout clients or use comments to IG pages.

YT MC doesn’t seem as straight forward as IG. Can’t DM etc.

Just scrape URLs, and use the comments section to deliver the message :slight_smile: Especially because it’s like Twitter, no one does YT Mother/Child, so there’s room to grow.

It works great, as long as the comments are “well built”

Do you know of jv scrapes urls? Or do you have to use a different scraper?

A home-made one, didn’t try to do it on JV but might be possible to do it there too. Not doing it since 2 months tho, maybe scraping limits have changed in the meantime

How’s it going? Hard to get it figured out?

Havn’t had time because of the IG scraper issue

is there a panel outside of socialpire that would allow me to manage / upload a bunch of YT accs with proxies?

I could do gologin but it’s kind of a nightmare to do it all manual