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Hey mpsocial,

I am starting a new journey and want you guys to be part of it.
I already have my personal Instagram account, which is currently at 40k. However, i took a break some time and my engagement decreased drastically. I used to get up till 5k likes. It is going back up now, and i get around 1k -1,5k likes from posting daily. However, this account was always struggling a little and i want to start fresh, as I see small accounts with insane engagement. Also, i love a little project.

My Growth Method:

  • I’m in contact with an account owner who has 4 accounts which are going very well, who will be providing me with likes. (Kind of like power likes, but he is also engaging with my post)
  • I will use niche and small hashtags (ladder system)
  • I will try to get shoutouts
  • I am in an engagement group that saves and likes - also niche related.

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Created a new account with a new email but on the same phone. My Phone should not be compromised as I’ve never done f/uf or anything.
  2. Edited bio and added a picture. Engaged a little bit
  3. Will start posting tomorrow, one picture per day. My content is good so I can just repost my old one.

Current Stats:
Posts: 0
Followers: 9
Following 24

If you have any ideas, questions or remarks, please share them with me. :slight_smile: love to get your input!


Good luck! I respect the hustle starting from 0.


Good luck with your journey! I’m interested to see how the engagement group helps grow your page… btw, where did you find the engagement group that is related to your niche?


What niche are you trying to grow?

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It’s a fashion repost page on Instagram featuring fashion and lifestyle posts. It’s very active…no fake likes but around 30 - 60k daily. I just did my research and looked for pages and compared their stats, then I contacted them directly

Influencer - so fashion and lifestyle

Oh sorry you meant engagement group. Invites from the past :slight_smile:

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Yes, I meant the engagement group. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great. Do you pay them to get likes? Or do you offer them something else in return?


Sounds great, wish you good luck on this journey :slight_smile: What is your plan for getting shutouts, are you also going to research and contact these accounts directly?

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I do pay them. They like and comment

Research and then ask for story shoutouts :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi—I love your strategy. I’m just jumping back after a few years away. How much time and money does it take to full commit to something like this?

Where is the best place to find engagement groups?

When you pay for shoutouts —are you asking for a wall post or IG story? Are you planning on monetizing this account so the shoutouts are an investment?

Sounds like a fun project. Good luck!

How much do you pay per account to give you 1 like and 1 comment if you don’t mind me asking? I know it depends on how big the accounts are. I’ve seen people pay for shoutouts but never saw someone pay for like and comment from verified accounts. I’m not sure about the rate if I were to ask verified accounts to do the same. Thanks!

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Good luck with your work

All the best !!

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Good luck! even 1.5k likes at a 40k page is decent nowadays. Engagement isn’t as high as it used to be on most accounts

How do you plan in doing that so the shoutouts be powerful?

Ok the best answer should be given by the Instagram coder herself, but let’s still share our experience here.

I found out that best way is by focusing on ENGAGEMENT (warning: it’s a few hours a day work). The idea is to test method of engagement with your (current and future) community members/followers. I shared some of my engagement test findings here: Social Media Engagement – 16 Ideas that Convert! | Influencer Marketing Adviser