[JOURNEY]Small M/S Setup with Instadub

Hi guys,
Just started a M/S setup with proxy I bought + my own 4G proxy (with a phone)
Got a VPS from hostiger at 10$ + instadub.
Got 10 accounts per proxy so I got 20.
I created some of these accounts with my personal phones + friends phones and bought some from @ARoNNN to try.

For the moment I just warmed-up my accounts, and got 1 scraper.
I would like to know how many followers do you scrap per account ? I set it to 10K every 20min.

I wil keep this thread updated because I know some guys can’t afford an expensive setup because they just want to do M/S for their personal account, Instadub is a bit harder to learn but let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

I am looking forward for the updates :slight_smile: Best of luck !! :muscle: :muscle:

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Ok I just managed to scrap 3000 followers very fast. Advise : dont put any filter when you scrap, its slow down A LOT of the process and you risk blocks(ask for captcha, adding filter ask a lot more requests). I hope i’ll dont have tons of “private users” :confused:

Filters do make the scraping slow, but sometimes you will need them, get more scrapers and you should able to use filters as you like.

Same, I was really active on Instagram until late 2019 and I’ve been willing to start again

How is Instadub as a software?

Filters help create better targeted followers

Hi guys,
Ok…first struggle. I noticed i can do a LOT of actions manually or EB, once I start to do some API actions, I get ton of blocks…
I think I will switch to a python bot. I’ll keep a bot for scraping, but once scrap is done, branding slaves EB then automate actions with python.

Good luck on your journey! Even though you can follow a lot of users using EB when you first tried it, that doesn’t mean you should keep following that many users every day, there’s still a possibility that your account will get blocked on EB. Regardless of whether you use API or EB, you should always use non-aggressive settings keep your daily limit to 100-150 and hourly limit to a maximum of 10.

agreed with Ossi, at one point I was able to follow more than 400 users a day using Jarvee API for many days and this is after the big IG update i thought i will able to do that for months but suddenly the account was blocked then banned very quickly, keep your settings slow and steady and try to grow daily.

thanks guys, I changed some settings and its much better now.
I scraped followers + images so now im building nice slave feed.

I do my slaves as “niche page” (not a fan page with phoros based on the feed of the main), because i want to use my slaves to comment also, and you can’t comment with fan pages, it look weird lol

Also, i would like to know what phone do you use for mobile proxy. I bought a wiko for 80euros + 5go for the data per month but i think i can do cheaper right ?

Most people buy proxies from suppliers. They usually are cheaper than that. The key is looming for cost vs quality.

But making your own is the best quality however it the most costly. Especially if you get usb modems, hubs etc.

I now pay double what I used to having my own farm.

thanks man for your infos, much appreciate

I would like to know, how to you organize your accounts ?
I buy/build the account and connect it to my proxy.
+24h : change username if needed + add bio + add 4-5 images
SLEEP : 24h.
Start to follow 30 people a day the first 3 days. then increase to 10 until 120 per day.

is it ok ? thanks guys

Anyone guys ? thanks :slight_smile:

Never heard of instadub before , I also do m/s but I have a team and we do all actions manually,

And for scrapping I prefer using jarvee