[Journey] The fullpower road to live on XX in 6 months

Hello! I never took a serious look on this forum before. I came here like a month ago tbh. But whatever. <—- yea, this part definetely won’t get you interested in my journey.

Disclaimer: this is a bit of a long read, it has a lot of my own thoughts that might be useless for you. Also you won’t find a tl:dr here. Read it all or go away!

I’m 19, I want to live in a beautiful place on this planet called XX, and I’ve got 6 months to do that. I currently live in a small city in Poland, and I feel the urge to run away from there. By living here I feel like I’m a part of the group of „most” people. But I don’t want to be one of the „most”. I’m not the typical person that will go to a 9-5 job, do shopping in supermarkets or malls, hangout with the same people at the same bar their whole life - that is just BORING and I can’t do that. I want to live at my fullest potential, I want to meet people from all over the world, fulfill my passions, learn new amazing skills, see different beautiful places that nature gave to us. I just want to enjoy life, and I’m going to do everything to make that happen.

My last 2 years

I’ve been earning money constantly/full-time from the internet for almost 2 years now. I’m living on my own since March 2019, my parents are not covering any of my expenses. Don’t get that wrong, I love my parents but I feel like I need to be self-sufficient. I want to decide on my own on what will happen next in my life rather than giving someone the power to do so. And yea, I’m also a tough boyfriend for a girl to have. I „eliminate” really fast things or persons that block my happiness. I mean, it’s great to have somebody close to you, but if that person let’s say will tell you to not do something you love - you gotta eliminate that person asap (unless you can sacrifice that thing and still be happy). This may sound like I only think about myself, but that’s because mostly I do. Sure I want a person that’s close to me to be happy, but my happiness is the most important thing for me.

The purpose of this journey.

So I wouldn’t call this an experiment or anything like that. This is a real journey, with real actions. You will see here what kind of person I am and what kind of things anyone can achieve. You just gotta unlock yourself and if life’s hitting you with hard punches - you gotta punch it harder. Never let your fear or bad situations win over you.

What I’m doing now?

I’ve been studying a lot about Internet Marketing. I started at the age of 14 when I made 100$ in one day online by doing a blackhat method which I won’t mention here - but yea, that was like wow and big money! Now, I’m more into freelancing. I find clients on Upwork, Fiverr or fb groups and I tbh I used to offer a lot of services (now it’s mostly copywriting, video editing, logos or stuff like that). When you’re under pressure, you learn skills very fast. 6 years of living in Italy as a kid also taught me that: if someone sends you to a country where you don’t know the language and you gotta learn it asap to survive there, you’re going to learn it very fast. It’s some kind of adrenaline shot, but it’s lasting longer. And that’s what I’m experiencing now - if there’s a good offer on the table but I don’t know how to provide the service, I learn as many things about it as possible, and if I feel good about doing it and I feel like I got the skill, then I do it. If not, then I outsource it. I don’t want to take any money from my parents and whenever my budget is low and I’m hungry, that’s when I earn the most money. I still got a bad mindset, because you know, when you got the money already you feel comfortable, you take a pause, go to a party and just have fun. But when you look at your bank account and you realise that you can buy food only for the next 3 days, then damn man, I work like crazy. That’s something I definetely want to get rid off by the end of the journey.

A few more of my thoughts.

It’s not the money that makes me happy - it’s all about the things that I can afford with it. Without money I can’t buy a plane ticket, a delicious drink or steak. I also won’t have a small villa for myself with a pool. Now, „most” of people will think like this: „damn this guy is crazy he wants to live on an island in a villa with his own pool!” Am I really crazy? Think of the things that will make you the most happy right now, write them down and go for it. Chase the money, sure, but also chase happiness. Stop wasting your time by not making any changes in your life, because that’s what the system wants us to do. You must go to school so you can have a 9-5 job for the next 45 years, buy yourself a nice car and go on vacations once a year. That’s what „most” will do in this life because that’s what the system wants you to be. Sure, if you’re happy with this then go for it. But I guess a big part of us doesn’t want this kind of life. I mean, if you don’t want this to be your life then why the heck are you not changing anything?? The common answer would be something like „I can’t do this”, „I’m too dumb for that” and that’s what really damn scares me, because that sounds like those people got a microchip injected in their brains that block them from living their lives.

When we’re locked inside a city, we don’t see most of the things that nature gives to us (for free!). I believe that the more nature you got around you, the more you are a human. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways. After a big boom of ideas, it’s the time to make a plan

The shop.

So right now this is where all my savings will go. I studied Instagram a lot for the past few months (altough the first time I tried jarvee, mp or that other 10$ bot, was 3 years ago). I’ve got an idea of what to do now and I’m going to realize this plan in the first place. I will build everything by myself. I know how to create a shopify store as I did one before, and I also ran facebook ads before but this time, it’ll only be instagram ads as they seem easier. I’ve contacted today an agency from XX that will help me in finding a supplier, manufacture from XX that will be happy to dropship for me. It might be hard to already get a sale by the end of this year because I’ve got no idea how much will it take to get in contact with the supplier, but that won’t stop me from working on it.

The agency.

Another thing I want to do is an SMMA. And you know what, probably I’m going to outsource most of it. I will do shoutouts/giveaways campaigns by myself, but things like content creations, f/uf, schedule posts - this will all be outsourced. And I’m going to find a way to get some people working with me. The only ways I’ll focus on getting is by Instagram DMs, fb groups and Upwork (maybe).

The network.

If both the agency and the shop succeed but all of the sudden they will bring no money, then I want to have still one more card to play. And thus would be a network of accounts. I’ve got 3 accounts in the travel niche with different subniches + 1 account with smm/business tips for the SMMA (the 5th spot on my phone is for my shop). I made them last month and they are already growing to a few K so I think in the future in a death situation this can be a lifesaver. I mean, you’ve got a few big accounts with a good amount of followers, you got so many ways to monetize them. I only have to make sure that they will stay alive and that goes by posting everyday.

In 6 months, I want to be able to make enough money to live on XX and have a good life there. For the ones that really want to know, 2.000$/month is enough to live peacefully in that place, and that’s the minimum I need to get to. With freelancing, I don’t do even the half of it, living here in Poland is quite cheap. Also freelancing will be sacrificed whenever any of my 3 plans starts working out as my current activities are really time-consuming.

Where I learn new things:

By my own testing

This forum and also the black one

Youtube videos (especially Doctor Jarvee and Christien Bouc, amazing interviews and I find them very helpful)

But also life teaches you new things everyday. It’s what you do that makes you a different person. If you start doing something over and over again, you build a different mindset around it - you party less, spend your money wisely, and also what’s the most important thing: when you achieve success, you become HAPPY.

I will be updating this journey whenever I think I made an important step. If you did read the whole post, then I want you to know that I really appreciate and it would be awesome if you leave a comment below with your thoughts. I will be more than happy to discuss with you, thank you!

XX - the place where I want to live, I don’t want to tell the name for now because it’s strongly related to my shop. It’s an island.


Hi @Wussabi!

All of us have our measurement for happiness, what it represents to us. We all have our own perception of it. Since you are 19, you will grow and change your perception of it from time to time. And I think that this happens through our whole life. It’s very convenient when you understand what makes you happy now.

Good luck with your journey and your plans, I wish you success! You seem like someone who know what he wants and you seem like a hard worker. This is crucial for a successful journey.

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I agree with the part that you would hate going to work every day from 9-5 but for example, I know some freelancers that have multiple clients and they are “their own bosses” when it comes to deciding when they want to work, but they still need to spend 8-9 hours online working in front of the PC and like they create their own shifts and stuff but that usually goes to working whole day around because they don’t want to wake up early, then they delay their working hours and they end up working till the midnight :smiley: Don’t be one of them :smiley:
Anyways, wish you all the best and to fulfill all your dreams! :smiley:

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Hey guys, first of all I’d like to thank you for being interested in this journey. It’s really nice to hear some positive feedback. Stay updated, because this journey will succeed no matter what!

Reply #1 to @Bianca

Yes that’s correct, everyone wants to do something else in their lifes, everyone has their own dreams. Life is too short to not chase them, you always have many options in your life, you just gotta see them and open your mind. NEVER choose to sad way, always chase happiness. You’re right that I’m still young, many things will change in my life but that goes for everyone. But you can be 20, 30, 40 and your life will always keep changing. Only one sad thing that I started to notice based on other people, is that the older you are the less you want to chase your dreams. That’s the worst thing that can happen, so remember to never lose hope! Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it and stay tuned for more!

Reply #2 to @Jaha

If someone’s freelancing, that means that they don’t want a boss and that’s a good first step to reaching freedom. To be real, you decide which clients you take etc but still, you do the slave work for those clients. I wouldn’t ever look at freelancing as long time thing, but as a first step to something. Make money work for you, don’t work by yourself for money. Also freelancing requires great self-discipline, and this another skill that can lead you to a great success in your life. Thank you for the valuable reply, I really appreciate it and your kind words aswell! Stay tuned for more as this is a journey that will succeed no matter what.

Now let’s take a look at how they things are going.


The Shop.

Okay, so it’s the 8th od December and I’m taking the first steps in building The Shop. I’ve revived my old Shopify account and I’m setting everything up. This should take me 2-3 days to make the shop fully completed and ready to advertise. Today I’m also setting up the Instagram profile as all the advertising will be done there. The plan is to post 3 posts daily, 2 of them will be just reposts of niche-relevant content and the last one, will be a nice photo of a product from my store. In this way not only I will drive attention of people that are interested in the niche, but also those who are interested in those specific products. For me the shop will be the main part of the Instagram profile, but other people will see it just as an addition. The plan for advertising is Instagram ads and shoutout campaigns but also giveaways. The next update should be on Sunday in the evening so stay tuned for that.

The agency & the network.

So, this one will be going slow for now. In the next update I probably won’t include those two. I’m not able to sell anything if my agency profile has only 100+ followers and my niche profiles got only 300+. I’m not spending any money on my 4 accounts so it’s going really slow. Also it’s really time consuming to do what I’d like to do to grow those 4 accounts so they would get many more followers a day, and I can’t afford to do that if I’m working on the shop at the same time. I expect my first client from the agency somewhere in January-February, and the first paid promo sold from the network somewhere in March-April.

And yet, I’d like to encourage you, users of this forum to leave a reply and discuss about this journey. I’ll appreciate every comment left on this thread, and also thanks again to the guys above who replied. See you on Sunday.

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You’re welcome, I will be following the Journey, best of luck!!

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You are so right, this does usually happen :slight_smile: priorities change or you realize that you have different dreams now :slight_smile: Good luck, looking forward to your success.

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There`s a Dr. Jarvee :open_mouth:

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I enjoyed reading your topic and I wish you all the best, good luck :+1: :+1:

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I have the same goal as you, start an agency in 6 month ! will follow your journey.

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Reply #1 @Jaha

Thank you, I wish you luck too and I wish you much happiness in your life!

Reply #2 @Bianca

Yea everything keeps changing in your life and the most important skill is the ability to adapt

to the current situation. Thank you and I wish you much happiness in your life :slight_smile:

Reply to #3 @jas

What do you mean haha

Reply #4 @Luca

Thank you very much for the kind words, I wish you much happiness in your life :smiley:

Reply #5 @Nahmeo

Well I’m glad to see someone with a similar plan to mine, I hope it will work out for you in the end. I wish you good luck and much happiness bro!


The shop.
So the shop is all set up, I’m just waiting for the SSL certificate to jump in and I’m ready to run the ads. The Instagram account is also made up, and the followers are coming in. The next goal now is to keep spending money on ads for a week until I get the first sale. I’ve got different adsets but I try to not get over the 6$/day budget for now in total. Other than that I’ll be looking to pay someone for a shoutout and I’ll also be growing the account manually. The next update will be when the first sale comes in, but if that doesn’t happen then I’ll come up with a Plan B and just update about it on the next Sunday.

The Agency & The network.

As I told before in the previous update, those are going slow because all of my work goes into the shop and I’m still manually growing all of my 5 accounts. The main goal is to make the store successful and use it as a case study for my agency. Altough, I want to spend some money next week on some shoutouts for my agency instagram account to boost it up sooner to 1k. One thing I plan to do is to include in my accounts bio something that goes like „account grew by @” so it maybe will bring any potential clients to me.

Big thanks to all of those who are watching this thread, I’ll keep you guys updated. Next update when the first sale comes in or on next Sunday if that doesn’t happen.

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Yeah I was only joking, best of luck

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Things have changed. I’ve burned a lot of money just because I wanted to do everything by myself right now, but I didn’t understand how hard it is. I was investing in too many things at the same time and it totally didn’t work out, I’ve got a small amount of money left in my pocket to invest and time is running out. It’s time to adapt. I’m pausing the shop plan for now, I don’t feel that confident about it. It’s time for the agency plan to jump in the game.



It’s now time to go hard on this. The strategy was to find clients and outsource all the services. The plan is to work with online businesses or the travel niche. I’ll study both of those niches and find out which one I will work with first, but I think it will be the online businesses. I’ll find a service first and test it on my agency account on Instagram, boost it to a good amount of followers and start to find clients. I will make a case study and record my speaking over it so this will be a solid proof for potential customers. Despite my failures, this is what I’ll be doing now. I’ll achieve my goal no matter what. In January, I will get my first customer. I reactivated my Upwork account to look out for clients but I worked before as a Copywriter/Translator and now that I converted my profile into a Social Media Manager/Growth services, it’s hard to find a client. I’ve sent 33 proposals and got only 3 answers, altough they don’t seem like they want to buy my services just because I’ve got only a few 5 star reviews and I don’t have any solid portfolio around IG. I spend a lot of time on writing good cover letters and treating each person individually. But this doesn’t let me down and it certainly won’t stop me from taking action. When I’ll be looking for the first client, I’ll do it on Instagram/Facebook. Next update on Sunday.

Thanks to all of those who keep reading the journey, next year I’ll be living on a beautiful island and travelling the world. This is going to happen, stay tuned.

Never stop fighting.

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Thank you for the update. I enjoy reading your updates. Cheers.

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Hey guys, so It’s already Sunday for me as it’s midnight for me so it’s time for the update. I’m really glad @Jaha that you like the journey and I’m happy that I can share my experience with you guys! It’s been 21 days since the journey started, and I’m starting to make some money. April 22th is my birthday and at that day, I’ll be buying a one way ticket to the tropical island I’m moving to. Some of you already know which one I’m talking about as a lot of digital nomads are moving there, I mean the costs of living for people like us that work remotely are really damn low! It’s like 1000$ per month for literally everything: food, rent, gym membership etc. To keep myself motivated, I’ve set a goal that’s going to make me work really damn hard in January - I want to achieve 3000$ in profits in February. Mark my word as this is going to happen, I’m literally not partying anymore and almost not hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I go out for a beer or two just to keep my mind fresh enough, I mean even if I’m working hard I still need to talk to people to keep me going on. Besides of that, I visit my mom each Sunday for a lunch/dinner. Q1 of 2021 is probably be going a big life-changer for me, I’m going to get a stable earning that will allow me to work from anywhere in the world. I hope this journey will be an inspiration for all of those digital nomads out there! Remember guys, it doesn’t matter who you are or where are you from, it’s your dreams that count. So get out of that comfort zone and chase them, because if you don’t do it now, you probably never won’t. Do what you gotta do.

And if you’re ever bored with your life, trust me that doing things that we’re scared of is the best way to keep yourself entertained. When I was 17 and I decided to live on my own with little to none financial help from my parents, it was really scary at first. But now, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. And now, the second best big step for me is ahead.

Anyways for all of those who are still reading this journey, it’s time for…



I just had my second phone call from a potential client. Altough I’m so damn stressed on those calls, I love talking to people and I feel like I’m offering them those services in a natural way. They both told me that they’re going to open a contract (I’m doing it on Upwork) at the beginning of January. I hope they will do it! The prices are 400$/mo and 500$/mo, I’m offering them F/UF+Engagement+Hashtags+DMs. It’s good for me, I mean it’s going to be easy for me to deliver those services but it’s not the way I wanted it. The service I just mentioned is something that I’m confident to offer but I’m looking to offer Influencer Marketing+ads management and look for clients over 1k$/mo. I know how to provide both of those services but heck I’m so confused. I don’t know how to price them to be honest but I’ll figure it out. Also, I wanted to automate/outsource the services but damn, none of those services require a lot of time. I think that for now I’ll just provide everything by myself and later on when I find more clients, I’ll hire someone. I think that this would be the best way: on Upwork I’ll focus on selling the service I just sold to 2 people and hire someone to do it for me. Things like Influencer Marketing + IG/FB Ads I’ll do by myself, for that I’ll get clients from Facebook/Instagram. That’s the way I see it, but if you’ve got some tips to share or you want to trade some informations with me then leave a comment or DM me! I’m going to go big in January, and February is going to be even crazier. Let’s go!

I hope you guys had a great time with your family/friends during this Holiday or if you were all by yourself during this time, then I hope that you’re staying strong and chasing your dreams.

For the next update, I’ll get more clients and expand my services.

TIP for Agencies: Always give them some free value first but also ask them a question about themselves for example: you see that it’s a travel blogger and he visited let’s say Sri Lanka last month, then ask him about his trip. Another example, if it’s a jewellery seller, ask him what her bracelets are made of. I mean, just show that you actually pay attention to them, because that’s what almost everyone appreciates. I hope you get the point.

Keep fighting for your dreams!


Looking forward to your journey, lots of similarities with my own story years ago. :slightly_smiling_face:
What caught my attention is that relation with islands name, I picked up random name for my brand and turned out to be a name of a tropical island aswell. :slightly_smiling_face:

How are you providing engagement other than LE? Are you covering content creation aswell?

Sorry for the late update, a lot of mess is in my head right now. I can’t keep a straight plan and I’m overcomplicating everything. Read below for more.

@PierreDOlain I’m curious what name is it that you picked? I’m happy to hear that you want to follow this journey and you see any similarities with yourself in it! I provide engagement by comments, likes, dm groups, enganging with new followers, posting “games” in highlights or stories with reaction buttons etc…



Oh man, there’s so much chaos. In the end I got this client for 300$ just for f/uf but the other one isn’t answering for a few days now. I’m delivering f/uf on a daily basis but really I don’t feel like that’s what I want to do. I want to bring good revenue to my clients each month, and f/uf won’t allow me that. I think I’ll just stop offering f/uf and focus on shoutouts campaigns and instagram/facebook ads. I’m just confused about the prices too much. But I’ll just do it. I’ll be hunting now only for clients interested in those 2 services. I’ve got a lot of connects on Upwork to spend so I’m just going to keep looking for clients only here. I think this platform is a good place to begin, later on when I’ll have case studies, solid proofs, then I’ll start emailing businesses. And also, I didn’t pick a niche yet so I’ll be just taking any job I can right now and choose the niche later on. This is hard, but I know that if I work even harder I’ll get to the goal. I’m not stopping no matter what. I wish you all in this new year, to never stop fighting!

One thing I love in this business, is talking to clients. It just feels so natural to me, I love talking to new people and I see that selling them a few k$ service isn’t a problem for me.

This is a short update this time just because I’m in such a chaos right now, I can’t get my sh#t together. I’m going to start a routine everyday to keep my mind working and focused, I’ll wake up everyday at 9 am to meditate & workout and then get on the pc to do some work after that. In the meantime I’m also into CPA as I’ve got a few sites monetized with this formula, it’s blackhat so I want to get out of it asap but it’s helping me now to buy food and pay the rent.

Hey guys, sorry for the inactivity and even though I’m not making any progress, I’m still here. Still chasing the goal. I started connecting all the puzzles in my head, I think I’m finally getting all my sh#t together. During this time, I’ve been learning about so many things at the same time and because of that I had a big chaos in my mind. And yea, I was thinking about giving up with the agency, I was looking for new methods but… I’m not giving up. I will have the agency because that’s the type of business I could do my entire life. That’s a thing I love to do, and I’m going to reach my goal. That’s the type of business I most believe in, I want to help people get better revenues and make my clients happy! I want to be an important person, I want to be valuable.



Over 100 emails sent, 0 answers, 0 calls, literally all the work I’ve done went for nothing. I even made a few loom cold outreaches but still nothing. I tried to get into the ecommerce niche, but now I see this is something harder to do and I don’t have a good feeling about it. As I mentioned before I’m from Poland, and the most natural way for me to get the clients would be finding businesses on Facebook and outreaching to them. This means people like restaurants, dentists etc… Honestly I’d prefer to reach out to local businesses from other countries, where the salaries are better than here. I’d prefer to earn 1-2k USD or EUR or GBP/month from a client for doing the same job instead of 1-2k PLN/month which is around 250-500 USD. But I’ll try both of those at the same time, I’ve got nothing to lose. Since the beginning of the journey I’ve learned so much about Facebook Ads and that’s what I want to focus on. I can do the work by myself, and I was thinking about offering businesses a full Facebook Ads service (making the creatives, setting up the facebook pixel as 90% of the local businesses don’t have it, running the campaigns etc…) and in addition to that I’d also make a messenger bot for them. I’ve read somewhere that in IM you shouldn’t try to look for the most profitable method, but you should do what most you believe in. And that goes for everything in life. I believe that creating a good copy on the ad with a eye-catching image + profitable campaign is a very important thing and this can multiply your revenue. That’s what I most believe in. Don’t make the same mistakes as I do. As you can see I’ve got a good plan here but it started falling apart just because I was still lurking for another method, but honestly why? I’ve got a really solid plan here in which I really believe so why I didn’t stick to it?? Stop looking for new methods when you’ve found something you believe in! I hope this will be useful to someone. It’s mid-January now and I still didn’t make any progress. I need to make big steps now.

This journey is still just a piece of my thoughts, and there’s almost no real story told on here. But come back here in June, July. This is when this journey will be an amazing history of a guy that went from zero to a successful business and became a digital nomad in 6 months. I’ll be still updating this journey every week, but for now leave this thread and come back here in June.

Stay focused and chase your dreams guys.

See you on the next update!

EDIT: I know that I’m into Facebook Ads and this thread is on Instagram Marketing, but the rest of my plan (The Network & The Shop) is based on Instagram, so for the admins: I’d like to ask you to leave this thread on here, thank you!