Just signed up for autotokker

I chose 3 accounts
@mariam_sitchinava, @jensuah, @steeerling
because they were the creators of my top posts.

I guess the service only does follows right now.
I will be posting my results here and if I decide to continue next month based on experience


I look forward to your video views and reach stats after using the service.


Thanks for making this topic. Please update us when you have more info!

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Running for almost 1 month, almost 1K followers… not bad :slight_smile:


Looking forward for results aswell!
Whats the following limit on TikTok? Im following people and I have like 50% fbr, thats crazy


I have a question regarding shadow banning for you if you are free to answer

the main thing we need to do is find the limits on how many likes, comments, follows, unfollows, etc we can do and we should be golden… I do know for sure that you cannot like in a fast pace because I did probably 200 likes in a matter of 3-5 minutes and it suspended my account for about 30 minutes than I was able to resume and im sure that they are not as strict as ingstagram YET.

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Even better results for me. Loving this :grin:

now how to monetize it?

I posted videos of my product and a unclickable link in the bio with discount, got sales.
They are testing clickable links in videos now in the USA


Gentlemen, what are your results on this bot?

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The issue is, when you go to post an actual video to promote yo your audience, you’re gonna be shadowbanned from the start…

Also 1,000 followers in 30 days is incredibly small, compared to posting a few decent posts, and gaining those within days.


Nice! Will experiment :+1:

Anybody know if the shadowban is for real? Haven’t experienced it yet but have heard a lot of people talking about it

Then what’s the purpose of this bot if your gona be shadowbanned

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Thnaks. Good idea. I am wondering if it is working well.


I think I found his account -> @bencorry1 and his engagement is still really good. Had a video yesterday with 11k views and 170 comments. TikTok automation seems to work well :money_mouth_face:


Yes, there is no shadowban with the AutoTokker service. :+1: Your engagement is better because of the automation.

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Please keep us posted and thanks for sharing! How many times per day are you guys posting?


It’s definitely real. I posted a video that was flagged twice, and my engagement disappeared while I appealed. The first time it was appealed and approved, my engagement came flying back. The second time (same video) was flagged again, shadowbanned for 48 hours, then engagement came back.

Sucked because I had one vid that went semi viral and was bringing in killer early engagement (317k views), but stopped as soon as the account was shadowbanned.

Unlike IG (which doesn’t have a shadowban, that’s a lack of understanding of trust score/algorithm), Tiktok definitely does unless someone more educated can tell me otherwise

Unlike IG (which doesn’t have a shadowban, that’s a lack of understanding of trust score/algorithm),

Are you saying IG does not have a shadowban? :joy: