Just starting out, have a 80k organically made account, how do i boost it with jarvee?

hey guys, im new to jarvee, but i have an influencer acc with 80k followers that i want to grow more with it. I’m seeing all my competitors using bots and i feel the need to do it too to keep up.

I already understand the basics of what jarvee does (follow, unfollow, create accs, likes, reposts, etc) and proxies. But im not sure about the overall strategy.

How do i leverage having a lot of accounts to grow that primary one? And on the primary, do i still use the bot with less agressive settings? not sure what actions would be good to have jarvee doing in each scenario.

I see a lot of people talking about DMs. Do you just create new accounts, and mass dm people promoting your primary?

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Type in “mother child” and “mother slave” into the search bar of this forum. You’ll find a lot of info about the strategy you’re referring to.


thanks you, will do that =D


Using F/U will only hurt your account in my opinion. You are way past that stage, I would suggest using other methods.
You might grow your account by 100 followers daily, but you will also lose followers and at the end you will hurt your brand.

But I would suggest using Comment Tool, you might not gain lots of followers, but you will still convert traffic to your page, which is the initial goal to anyone on Instagram.

Using Mother/Slave method would be perfect, but for this you need lots of knowledge/experience using Jarvee (at least in my opinion).
If you have money and the time to invest in this then I say go ahead :slight_smile: it’s worth it.
Keep in mind that the accounts/proxies play the biggest role in this. If I were in your place I would start buying used/aged accounts (not from providers,but from real people who used these accounts).
This way I can guarantee you that with the right proxies and settings you won’t have any issues (Since right now the state of account TS plays biggest role when you are automating it).


Have you tried this?

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thanks wataaa, would you mind expanding a little on some points?

F/U: i dont understand how i would lose followers. Isn’t this action just seen by the people that i follow? im probably missing something, but in my mind i just can see pros on doing it (more followers).

Comment tool: im prob missing something here too, i would guess that people would see my comment, check my profile and follow if they like what they see. I have a link in my bio, but would this get more clicks than follows?

In my mind i would think that comments would be seen as more spammy by the audience than F/U.

M/S: i’ll work on that =) Is there a course or tutorial that explains A to Z whats needed to do that? I would gladly pay for it. Seems like the info is scathered through foruns, that takes a lot of time to search and figure out what works.

Regarding proxies i already researched a lot, not gonna be cheap on that.

Old accounts is that i have no clue where to buy… i saw some threads in BHW marketplace selling them but the reviews were always bad. No clue how to buy from real people, how to search, what to offer, would i just dm them, what if they dont deliver, etc I can’t imagine someone taking the time to give me his acc for 5$.


It’s hard to find aged and used accounts, but some people are willing to sell them for couple of $, since their accounts are only sitting there and they are not using them. And yep, they are bulletproof.

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If you have 80k followers, not hurting your account is a bigger concern than growing your account. (at least in my opinion)

F/U: Around 5%-20% of the people who followed you back will unfollow you once they notice that you’ve unfollowed them.
But the main reason for this is because you have 80k followers, as I said, it will hurt your brand. People will notice that you are F/U and even some of your current followers might unfollow you.

Comment: Any kind of traffic is good for your account. This tool won’t hurt your account, but only if you have good filters/targeting.
There are lots of filters you can use to make sure that your comment will be posted on relevant posts.

M/S: Oh jeez, where should I start… The method is simple, but like I said you need experience with Jarvee with this, so if you are starting without any experience/knowledge with automation/Jarvee you will hit too many walls and have a hard time in the beginning. (Easy to learn, hard to master)
This forum has everything you need, just search and you will find tons of info, especially if you are a beginner since you will also learn lots of other stuff that you will need.

You can find IG accounts for sale anywhere, but usually, these accounts are created for 1 goal, selling. They haven’t been used by a real person, were not created with a registered phone number, were not created on mobile phone etc… Instagram for some reason is detecting these accounts and disabling them/ banning them. Even experienced automation users have a hard time dealing with this sh*t.

Well if you have a younger sibling, just ask him to find you IG accounts for sale at school for a couple of $. :smiley: Worked for me.