Just unbanned my IG account! What now?

My dear old CPA account was restored just now! This is so exciting!

I used proxy when submitting help using fake name.

Also I sent them my real photo and they gave it back! :smile:

What now? As it has been revived from death, do you think it’s okay to run them again on same proxy as before?

And should I lower the settings or push hard with this account?

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Personally, I would recommend warming the account up as if it was a new account, but with more aggressive settings.

As for the proxy goes, I’ve never had any issues before when reusing old proxies with unbanned accounts.

Best of luck!


when its happened to me i wait 3-4- hours as then start the tool with the 20% minus of the settings that were before.

also for all my others accounts i take down the settings by 10%-20% and try to find the “sweet spot” needed for smooth fly under the radar.

before the ban wave i work with 800-1000 follow/day. now i am at 600-800 follow/day and i so far NO PV needed and no more bans to report.

i think that indeed the accounts after recovery are more stable and you can try to stretch the line more but i don’t think it worth the risk, at least for white hat accounts with a lot of followers that take you month to build.


I got banned with 300 follow/day + 250 likes days + 300 story views day.

Definitely I’m doing something wrong.

You can get banned with 0 follows/day. There’s a lot of different factors to consider.

You should tell us exactly how you did it