Just Updated the Forum

Hi guys, just update the forum to the latest version, should have small improvements all over, one that I noticed right away is that when you click the share button on a topic it now has the title in there. There are a lot other small improvements eveywhere.

Also solved the www version of the site redirecting to the non www version.

If you also noticed small bugs around the forum check them as they might be solved now.

I’ll update here about the new updates when I do them :wink:


that’s great.

i had been trying to access the forum for the past ten minutes and i kept getting a blank page. that made me very anxious.

Guess i’m now addicted to MPsocial. Help!


Welcome to “MP addiction club” @PortraitPhotography buddy! be strong lol


Yes, that was a side-effect, when it updates it’s offline :slight_smile:

The image linking still seems to have problem. Not sure if its caused by the image site updating to use some encoding or that the forum converted the encoding.

not sure I understand, can you give me an example ? or explain more :slight_smile:

I think you’ve fixed it for me. it was what i originally posted here http://mpsocial.com/t/make-images-videos-unique-by-default/7261?u=dddd

I changed it to linkout otherwise the hotlink will break.

just drag and drop the images in the edit box and they will show up nicely :slight_smile:

Oh i see. Nah, it’s just that i’m so used to screenshot and it uploads to a place that i can annonate so i use that to hotlink. much better workflow.