Just want to thank you guys

Hey. I just want to thank anyone here that I’ve ever had a meaningful interaction with. The knowledge I’ve gotten from this community is more valuable than anything in life. With your help I’ve made a decent income for myself, and also have grown my own IG 10 fold. I really appreciate all of you and the connections I’ve made here. Didn’t know where a good place to post this would be so…


thanks for sharing! I feel similarly. Only discovered the forum recently and feel so grateful for this community


I never knew entrepreneurship would be so extremely lonely. I am so thankful to have found the community here. I seriously would not have survived this business this long had I not found this forum.


I’d still be waiting tables and in school. This forum is a god send lol


People ask or wonder why I’m so active. I am switching tabs between what I am doing most of the time. If I visit daily I stay on top of most things. I can get ahead of most issues, and if I contribute, then people contribute back and I learn more.

It’s really free money. A free education. Call it what you will, but I do enjoy the forum and the people here, even when they hate me (it’s usually deserved).


I always have a tab open when I actually have decent internet on the road. What’s funny is though, I see people working on degrees in what we do, or with degrees and they have no idea what they’re doing. They land the jobs though, despite being clueless.


A degree says you are willing to put forth the effort to learn. Most people coast on that as soon as they get it. You can learn and be awesome without one. There are highly specialized areas of course. I don’t want your average mp social member cutting into me for surgery because they watched youtube.

But reality is, practice makes perfect. I went to school a few times. Earned my B.S. in business. Went back for CS, left classes because I was too busy. Earned a lot of certs while working. I’ve forgotten more than I can remember. But if you pay attention to things people post here, test them, you can make good money. I wish the forum was around when I was starting. I would be rich AF now.


MPSocial + Books = Thriving in the 21st century


Wow! Looking at everyone praising this forum and how this has impacted their lives, I wish I could know how to utilize this platform to its full potential like you guys do. I’m a very beginner.
Thank You.


Stick around. Learn, contribute, in no time you’ll be level 2 where you will find a lot more advanced methods.

Even if you think your guide might not be that great, it’s OK. Mine suck. But perhaps not everyone knows what you know, or something has changed and no one knew about it.

You’ll find that most people here tend to be very helpful.


Easy… use the search function and experience the magic. Even in old posts there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom.


I’m still trying to get used to the platform actually. What topics do you think are beginner friendly in here? Past and Present. I may depend on my interest ofc but what according to you are MUST Reads on this platform?


Depends on what you wanna achieve or where your interests are in. Maybe start with growing accounts on different platforms. So you get to experience how things work.

If you already have some experience you find a lot of information on how to scale up.

Wouldn’t start with the “get rich quick” approach though you will find some ideas about that here too.

And in terms of “beginner friendly”… You can always ask questions. People are more than willing to help as you probably already can see due to the quantity of reactions you got on your post.


How went your journey so far? I am also relatively new, and I want to hear some other journeys and what they learned and where they failed maybe?

So feel free to tell something more about you, i would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll keep this in mind.

Congratulations, man! Keep moving forward!

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@wortime @Connor_Lipke

This is really very true. Joined this community only 3 days before and so much overwhelming knowledge, and people always ready to help and solve your problems if any. So much to learn and so much to give. Such an astounding community.:ok_hand::+1:

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So much love here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Instagram is tough man! For us being at the front line and figuring out Instagram’s algorithms, its amazing to have such a knowledgeable and helpful community :blush:

So glad that a forum like MPsocial exist. It’s really rare to find such a forum that I will call home.