Jv doesn't make any actions in IG

Guys, I’ve seen a small wave of such issues some of you met about a week ago and as I remember our community pass that through very fast.

The thing is that I can not find where exactly I’ve seen that so I had to create a separate topic asking you to help me. Apologize for that.

The thing is that my Jv doesn’t do anything.
No errors, no mistakes, no blocks, all green and just “searching…”
Nothing happens.

What should I do?
Please advise either point me to the topic where I can read the solution.

Thank you so much for your patience and advices.

Are you using the EB or API?

The very first time I decided to use API only as read that it helps sometimes.
So the settings are “do not use embedded browser to login” and “use only api”

How many sources do you have? And what connection are you using?

Thousands of sources like “followers of accounts…” etc.

High quality LTE US proxies

Do you have everything configured correctly. There is a separate button for running the follow module somewhere.

Got nightmode on? Check your main settings

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