JV Instagram - After Follow Actions

Hi to the Community.

Thanks a lot for all the great experience shares.

I have a question about JV and the Function After Follow Actions. I know that the follow back ratio is better if you combine a Follow with 1-3 Likes and maybe also a comment. This strategy helped me a lot to grow fast at manually mode. Last Year I start to switch all my Accounts to JV and now we could archive that we run just via API Calls many actions. We are close to hit with all our accounts the maximum limits of actions per day (ect. Follow 6000 / Month)

But im sure we still can increase our Follow Back ratio. I think about to switch the single scraped likes over to the Like after Follow tool. But in the passt (end of last year) we got some blocks and AC if we activate the After Follow Actions. I prefer more that all runs well without Blocks or AC but if the After Follow Actions works again well with API and without Blocks and AC I prefer more this strategy.

Do some one have some experience with the After Follow Actions and if the works well without issues? Of course I will check to not hit the maximum limits of Likes for each Account.

Thanks for all your input and for sharing your experience with this function.


there is nothing to worry about, you just need to make sure that the settings you set are reasonable and safe, these are my settings below, note that those settings have increased with time, so you can start slower then that and see how it goes.

Also, note that i don’t have the like tool or any other liking tool On, that account is only liking thought after follow actions.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Perfect. I can make now like 350 likes a day try to go to 400/day.
50 likes go away for the like exchange. And 300 for the liking tool.

Do you thinks it’s good to reduce the likes of the like Tool to 200/day and use 100 likes a day for the like after follow function?

350-400 like on one day for one account is definitely too much these days, i would recommend that you don’t go above 200-250 max on the daily total likes.

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That’s true. But we increase it every day a little bit and I’m increasing the action since 6 month and it works.

yeah i see, if you can go above 300 likes per day it would really be awesome, just make sure to keep things steady, nothing to fast.